Art Critic Cosplays As Well-Known Characters, Celebrities, And Paintings (80 Pics)

by heatfeed

Cosplay, is a blend of two words “Costume” and “Play”. It is an activity of fun, in which cosplayers use costumes or accessories to recreate a look associated with one person or represent a specific character.

In other words, dressing up as a movie, game, book, or painting character is called cosplaying. I

It is a self-challenging activity for the cosplayers, to make them look like the exact carbon copy of the character they are representing.  

Cosplay is extremely popular nowadays on social media. Everyone trying Disney characters cosplay. This trend was first introduced by some students in Japan and the USA when anime and manga were introduced. 

Olga Tolstunova is an art critic, who decided to do something extraordinary to grab her reader’s attention. She starts doing cosplaying famous paintings and popular characters.  

No. 1

She recreates the character by dressing up the same as the painting. She is really creative and talented. Cosplaying is not only about costumes you have to recreate the whole look with exactly the same expressions. 

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She is so ingenious in picking the accessories or things she needs for recreating a character. She is a born artist. She looks at regular things in an artistic way, then utilizes them as her cosplay accessories.    

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No. 8

No. 9

No. 10

She fits so smartly in all the characters she chooses for cosplaying. Even sometimes she starts resembling the actual picture.

After recreating the look Olga writes everything about that art piece and artist. Her honest reviews about all the traditional art pieces are admirable because she does not go with the flow, she writes everything with his own mind.

Her writings are observation-based. 

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No. 14

Recreating is not as much easy as it looks. It takes several hours of non-stop working. A huge amount of patience. And then material, that is required for the preparation of costumes.

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No. 22

You can consider cosplaying as a fun activity too. Dressing up as a Disney princess or as a villain is your choice. But it is guaranteed that you will love doing this.

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No. 61

An Art Critic Cosplays The Legendary Paintings To Draw Attention To Their Secrets

No. 62

An Art Critic Cosplays The Legendary Paintings To Draw Attention To Their Secrets

No. 63

An Art Critic Cosplays The Legendary Paintings To Draw Attention To Their Secrets

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Olga cosplays almost all the famous characters of history, Mona Lisa, Salvador Dali, Nefertiti, The girl with pearl earrings (Name Unknown), The screaming, Corpse Bride, Snow White, and many others. And she recreates them very well. 

Once Olga said that the actual essence of her efforts lies in the word she written on those paintings and artists, these cosplays are eye candy for the readers. 

Final Thoughts:

As said by Olga it was a trick to attract readers, but her efforts to recreate that look are meritorious. She is not only a good art critic but also a talented cosplayer.

Furthermore, her honest writings and critique about art are much more interesting than those cosplays.