Aquarius Zodiac Sign

by Katie J. Ray
Aquarius DatesJanuary 20 – February 18
ColorLight-Blue, Sliver
RulerUranus, Saturn
Aquarius CompatibilityLeo, Sagittarius
Lucky Number4, 7, 11, 22, 29 

Aquarius Traits 

Aquarius StrengthAquarius Weaknesses Aquarius LikesAquarius Dislikes
Forward-thinking, Authentic, Independent, Humanitarian, purposefully obscure, Aloof, Headstrong, Stubborn, Runs from emotional expression, Dosent belive emotions just concepts, feels themselves an outcastHighbrow conversation, Hazardous Business, Enjoy with friends, Fighting for whys and whereforesLifeless situations, Being isolated, Unfulfilled promises, Limitations  

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Characteristics

Being last air signs Aquarius horoscope has blend of all the qualities of air signs zodiac. Symbol of 11th and the penultimate Aquarius symbol describes a person pouring water out of Jug. Some astrologers suggest when Aquarius was rising in the sky heavy flooding was happened in the Middle East. Mostly Aquarius is known as a water bearer. People born under this air sign are full of life, industrious, and eccentric to fight for freedom, or at the same time hesitant, quiet, and afraid to express their personalities. They are anti-establishment personalities fighting for justice, idealistic causes, and freedom. Empathy is the ability of these, to understand what others around them are feeling and help them cope with their feelings making that individual very valuable and unique. Sometimes zodiac Aquarius need a time out to be alone, they become energized in their own company. Astrological constellation is available on Wikipedia.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Personality 

 Aquarius meaning is water-career. From all zodiac signs, Aquarius personality type is undoubtedly the cheerful person, most innovative, rebellious, and ready to make friends with anyone. These air sign individuals can be discovered to a variety of different cultures, attitudes, and ideas that they might not be exposed to on their own otherwise. This seems odd to others but at the same time, they tend to use humor as an escape that allows them to be themselves while being accepted by others. Since it’s an air sign, air energy is all about intelligence, inquisitiveness, and being deeply social. Aquarius zodiac sign personality is known as mythical personalities whose one foot is on the earth and another is extended up into heaven. Aquarius zodiac sign-holding vase which pours a new stream of water represents inspiration, hope, happiness, healing, and life-giving hydration. 

Aquarius zodiac

What type of sign is Aquarius? 

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Uranus is the planet of incredible innovation, aggressive nature, and surprising events that bounces off the non-traditional mentality of air signs. The starry-eyed nature of water bearers gives them the artistic potential to change their environment. Aquarians zodiac signs are big thinkers who are determined to have a big impact on society and want to be helpful. They are always in the struggle of learning things from people who are better and different from them.

What is special about Aquarius Zodiac Sign?

 Aquarius is secretly known as the pretty protege one who is protected or well trained. Since they have healing quality they heal or help another person as a trainer. These socialists have always someone shown them the way of perfection which everyone seeks. A beautiful youth in classical mythology looks weak and thin but actually very powerful than it obviously is. Wielding power, or rather the art of wielding it can be a strenuous task. But for this air sign knows everything in a better way.

What are Aquarius weaknesses? 

  • Aquarius is a cheerful person but sometimes due to their own alienation, they feel a lack of social intelligence and try to be weird.
  • Aquarius flaws makes them water-bearers like baby birds, new product managers may have trouble finding just the right place to land.
  •  Air sign has visionary nature, visionaries must be careful not to react so hastily that they forget their roots and lose sight of those around them.
  • They have no problem bonding with others and enjoy getting to know new acquaintances even if they aren’t the most talkative or socially dominant types of personalities on the other hand they are also self-imposed. 

Who should avoid Aquarius?  

Pisces, Taurus, Cancer send Capricorn should avoid Aquarius. Because if Aquarius compatibility is not at their best then they become stubborn and difficult to handle. They unconditional refuse to admit others perspectives, being contradicted means Aquarius’s creditability is being attacked and this can make difficult to communicate with them.

Aquarius love and sex

Intellect is the greatest drug for these Aquarius earth sign. Which they seek for their compatible. They value traits such as openness, communication, imagination, and willingness to risk which they can add to their emotional repertoire with little or no effort at all! Inspiration is a romantic spark for these water bearer. There is no better way for them to feel attracted towards someone than by engaging in an interesting conversation with that person. Aquarius zodiac sign wants integrity which is defined as the moral principle of being truthful and honest in both your words and actions. These air stars give equal independence to their partner and want to see powerful as they want freedom for themselves. For Aquarians love is practical theory.

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