I Photograph Animals In Shades Of Brown (20 Pics)

by heatfeed

Do you know what the Sepia effect is? What will happen to your pictures after adding a sepia effect on them? Do sepia effects indicate antique photos?  So many concerns people have about that brown shade editing effect.  If you are also wondering about these all, here is a sepia effect explained in a few lines.

Sepia means something in a deep brown color. Sepia toning was used for developing photos in old times when analog cameras worked. It is a chemical process that is mostly used by photo developers to change the color of black-and-white pictures to brown. Now we use the sepia effect to upgrade our pictures or to make them look old.  

It is a fact that photography never gets old. Trends could change, colors could be different, media could be anything but photography never ever going to fade out from our life. Photography has many kinds like portrait photography, nature photography, conceptual photography, and many more. Animal photography or it could be said wildlife photography is one of a major type.

Kasia Doroszkiewicz is an animal photographer. She took beautiful pictures of some animals in the sepia toning. 


Kasia is a professional animal photographer. She knows very well how to make those cute creatures look cuter. With her perfect knowledge of perspective, she makes those animal portraits so elegant.




Capturing wildlife is not as easy as it looks, you can’t make a squirrel stop for a photo shoot. You can ask a dog to change expressions. You need to be patient to take a perfect shot. Sometimes it took days to just click a single picture. 


The composition and projection Kaisa picks for her pictures are so different. As amateur photographers, many people made technical mistakes. 

And the only way to avoid such mistakes is by reading the pictures of professionals. 

Again, making your animal friends comfortable with props is also a huge task. They won’t let you take a perfect shot if they are not feeling comfortable with you and the given props. 



Sometimes, capturing the perfect shot is a matter of seconds. And other times, it could take a whole week.  



The way she turns a normal picture into fantasy is exceptional. Many people approach that technique, but only a few of them succeed. Kasia is one of them, she is creating such masterpieces now, and a few years later she becomes unbeatable in animal photography. 


The judgment for focusing on objects to make the subject more clear.






Kasia’s dreamy artistic work has the power to adore every eye. The blend of low-saturation colors with a mixture of all shades of brown is amazing. 

Furthermore, she uses the bokeh effect to make her picture look more dreamy.  






Final Words:

It took a lot of patience to be a good wildlife or animal photographer. But it is fun to observe all the things about those cute creatures you like.