My 8-Year-Old Daughter Asked Me If She Was Beautiful, So I Decided To Do This Photo Project

by heatfeed

Once a little daughter came to her mother and asked why her skin tone is darker than other kids in the community. As their parents belong to India and currently living in the UK. So, I got disturbed and thought about the ideas she can do for her daughter to grow up independently beyond these complexions. She has an aim that when her daughter grows up she has her own beautiful identity she can praise for not others.

And that’s how she started this venture and named it “ changing the conversation”. This topic is inspired by her daughter and she wants to change her conversation about scars and beauty as she is growing up. She said our scars and marks are worth praising not only the beauty is to be praised. In this world, we have to learn that these scars are also worth praise.

In this beautiful inspirational duration, she met a lot of people with dark scars and stories and she turned them into creativity. She contributed a little effort for the world in “ changing the conversation”. She becomes creative and produces worthwhile material for her daughter.

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Cartin was coming back from the trip when this incident happened. The coach crashed. She said, at this moment “I was thinking about my family. Our driver announces the crash. We all survived except him”. I got no chance to survive as it’s just 1 out of 1000 chances to survive. But after a  great struggle of 3 months in coma and 200 surgeries on a 96% burned body I survived. And she is motivating other people suffering from these traumas that life is still beautiful and worth living even with the scars.

One day in the coffee shop a random lady tapped at her back and asked what these scars are for. She narrated her story to her as she is a young girl with a lot of dreams. She wants to live like a normal person. But this incident has changed her life. But still, she is fighting with this physical ability. She wants to become a physiotherapist and she already applied for the job for her exposure. She is a strong and brilliant girl with an amazing mind. She recently finished her degree from the well-known college of London.

James and Ashley 

James had a severe accident and he lost his arm and leg. But still, he is an energetic and strong person. His wife has one arm without a hand by birth. They are both so energetic, strong, and have wonderful personalities. They are a very hopeful couple. 

She added she doesn’t want to have a child as she is not able to hold her duties like feeding or do some extra work. But her daughter realizes her parents have different abilities to work and she comes out to be a very responsible child. Now their daughter Elara is two years old and James is working with a Japanese company to assist them to produce advanced bionic arms. He is also a mentor and speaker for BBC. Ashley is a motivational speaker and a great model. His father said’” sometimes, I ask myself I can do much good if I’m physically able and live like other lives but then I realized i cannot change the way I am but I can change my thinking and start doing the things which I can handle this way. So, here I am”. 


Joanné is a powerful activist on Instagram with a great fan following. She is a very lovable lady with great willpower. She listens to music for a positive vibe. She has faced bullying in her childhood but as her positivity, she forgets everything and moves on in her life. She is a very independent lady. Independent like free from fear, anger, and disappointments of life.

She is a different soul. And this difference made her different and helped her to live life freely. We choose our way ourselves. Nobody has a right to choose the way for us. That is what she aims for in her life.


This is Cheryl with scars on her body. She was bullied at school with different names like cookie dough or spotty face. This made her broken. She hated herself. She loses her confidence. She blamed herself horribly for looking ugly. She lost all of her circle and suffered a lot in her relationships but after having children she changes a lot. Once she planned to go on a trip with their children and she wanted to buy clothes which covered his body and nobody would comment and disturb her and her children. But then she thought what if I don’t do this? Why can’t I be an inspiration for my children? So, this is a life-changing point for her. And she started to praise herself.


Amber has serious complications in her pregnancy. Her stomach muscles collapsed and completely split. Doctors thought that she has twin babies but the situation is totally opposite and she has been blessed with a beautiful daughter. She is a strong girl with a strong personality and she praised her scars.


Eden is Chelsea’s daughter and she is differently able. During her pregnancy, the doctor told them that her baby can’t survive due to sacs in the airways. But the birth of her daughter is a miracle. Somehow, she survived and today she is 5 years old with 20 surgeries. Her aim is that she wants her daughter to be strong enough. She always wants to stand beside her daughter and wants her to accept all the differently able features.