8 Best-Selling Breitling Navitimer Watches

by heatfeed

Breitling Navitimer is one of the most underrated luxury watch brands that many people underestimate. While other watch enthusiasts would prefer Rolex, Casio, Tag Heuer, and other watch brands, few people appreciate Breitling Navitimer. That’s where many of us are wrong.

If you are looking for a luxurious watch that will bring you class and elegance, get yourself a Breitling Navitimer timepiece whatever the occasion might be.

Any watch from this brand is crafted with perfection, and it will surely make the person wearing the watch stand out. Here are some of the best-selling Breitling Navitimer watches to get:

The Breitling Navitimer 01

This watch model is probably the most popular model of all Breitling Navitimer collections. This timepiece was first launched in the 1950s, and it was when the watch brand started getting attention from watchmakers and fans. This is the best watch to opt for if you are looking for a timeless look. 

The watch features a slide rule model bezel, perfect to wear whether formal or casual. The Navitimer 01 is a classic and elegant pilot’s watch because of its unique bezel design. You can buy this watch at $4,500 apiece. 

Breitling Navitimer Limited Edition – Top Time

When you are looking for a more professional-looking timepiece for your business meetings and events, this limited-edition timepiece from Breitling Navitimer is the one to get. This offers a very sleek design that is inspired by men in the 1960s. 

For anyone who is a fan of James Bond, this watch can make you look like the iconic movie actor. A watch that is similar to this limited edition watch is seen in one movie worn by James Bond, and it draws exquisiteness and excitement. The Zorro dial is also what makes this watch best-selling to men. 

Superocean Breitling Navitimer B20

If you are looking for a flexible design timepiece, the Superocean watch is the best one to get. The brand name Navitimer means “air,” hence, they also made a watch that can represent the sea. 

This watch is not only a normal diver’s watch but because of its sleek and flexible design, the Superocean is truly a gem.

The case is made of stainless steel, and the dial offers the utmost elegance because of its matte black color. The rubber strap also represents that the watch is a diver’s watch. 

Superocean Breitling Navitimer Limited Edition Rainbow

This newly launched watch from Breitling Navitimer is one of the best-selling watches in the market because of its cool design. This watch is part of the Heritage 57 collection, which dragged so much attention from watchmakers and watch enthusiasts. 

The watch is widely popular because of its colorful design and hour indicators. It comes in rainbow colors, hence the given model name. The Rainbow limited edition watch is inspired by vintage times, and it is perfect to use for your next Instagram OOTD post. 

Avenger Seawolf II Breitling Navitimer

This diver’s watch differs from the standard diver’s watch because it is made of stainless steel with a bright yellow dial. This watch is shock-proof and can withstand water up to 200 meters. This is the best-rugged watch to get if you are looking for a casual watch to wear. 

British Racing Premier B01 Bentley Breitling Navitimer Green

Most people would opt for leather watches that come in brown or black colors, but did you know you can also rock any look with a green strapped watch? The Bentley Racing Premier watch from Breitling Navitimer will leave you in awe and will make you rethink that green is a brilliant color.

With the partnership with the luxury car brand Bentley, this limited edition watch from Breitling is one to get. If you are a fan of Bentley, get this watch for you. This timepiece is unique among other watch models because it gives off a manly vibe despite the green color. 

B01 Chronomat Breitling Navitimer

If you want a watch with the perfect mix of a pilot’s watch and a diver’s watch, the Chronomat is the best timepiece to get in the market. This watch was recently redesigned this year, and its makers called it Rouleaux. This is a recently designed watch but has a hint of a vintage vibe when worn. 

AVI 1953 Breitling Navitimer

With a market value of about $39,000, the AVI watch from Breitling Navitimer is worth every penny you spend. This watch offers a vintage yet classic look that will fit any dress code. The original design of this watch was recently changed 70 years after it was launched. 


Now that you know what the best-selling timepieces from Breitling Navitimer are, it’s up to you which model you will get.

Always keep in mind that whatever model you choose, Breitling Navitimer is always the best choice to get, whether it’s a diver’s watch, a pilot’s watch, or a chronograph one. Stay elegant with Breitling’s watches today!