70 Pictures That Cause A Serious Double Take

by Katie J. Ray

Some pictures are confusing in the way they look. It takes time to understand the picture and rethinking about the picture clears the image and observation.

Here are 70 pictures that make you think about them.

1- A magic carpet

It is like the girl is standing on a magic carpet. But, if you focus and look at the picture it elaborates itself. The girl is standing on a platform made of sand and the reflection of the flag makes it magical.

2- Giant Bird on the Beach…

This picture is captured from a top place on the beach. And it seems like the bird is larger in size than a man walking by –  quite a funny and creative picture. 

3- A boy with ponytail?

The girl and the boy are running side by side. And it seems that a boy got a ponytail. Ah, a cute thing.

4- The mesmerizing eyes…

An eye or just like an eye? Yes, it’s a picture of water running from the hole with the bubbles around. But it is captured in a way that seems like a focused eye.

5- The sleeping beauty

5-The sleeping beauty

A girl sleeping with the magazine on her face, where the magazine also has a poster of a face. What did you think after seeing it?

6- Wavy and Wavy building...

This picture is like a random lens used to capture the picture. But, it is a unique architect of the building that confuses the mind.

7- A happy boy

A boy’s face got mixed or the cameraman is dodging with us. It’s quite funny.

8- Long body dog?

It’s like a dog’s body split into two parts or a dog with a missing body. Such a creative capture of a photo.

9- The angle of the camera

It’s an upside-down picture captured from above and a person is lying on the couch. But, this picture is quite complicated to understand. As it seems like a person is standing at the side of the door.  

10- Artistically captured

It is such a creative photo. Skilful photographer and artists.

11- A dog with beard

A person is posing with the dog but it is looking like a dog with a beard.

12- A dog and man

A man hugging his dog seems like he also has a dog-like face shape.

13- A dog and dog

The two dogs are fighting with each other but, the photographer beautifully captured the photo.

14- Two slum friends

These two are laying down but, the person above has captured it in the camera skilfully.

15- He Got the Skills…

A girl is kissing behind the person and the other boy is taking picture from the front where it seems that she is kissing him. It’s a funny creation.

16- Dark chocolate or the Dark bald?

A person is holding a bar of chocolate and the person in front with the dark bald head looks alike. 

18- mysterious cat

The reflection of light on the floor is looking like an alien cat.

19- a dog without head

There are two dogs in the picture. One is looking inside and the other onesies looking outside. 

20- artistry with trump

It is a weird picture like Trump is shouting enough. But actually, it is a bundle of newspapers with the front picture of him with an open mouth.

21-  dangerously acting boy

It’s like a boy is hanging in a dangerous place. 

22- hawk-faced rider

23- striped shirt

This man got the same color of the shirt as the wall. He stripped himself with a relatively grey wall.

24- water fountain

It’s like an ice mountain but actually, it is a wave of water beautifully clicked.

26- giant hand

A person shows the miniature plants in hand while posing their hand at some angle of camera.

27- mysterious dog

It seems the photoshopped picture of the dog. But it is such a funny and creative picture.

28- creativity with cans

It is looking like the boring dull faces of cans.

29- dark hole

This hole is looking like a dead big animal buried in the grave. But it is a hollow dark hole.

30- two faced dogs

31- yoga or posing?

32- nature

33- small giraffe

Beautifully clicked giraffe with the reflection like a unicorn. Picture captured skilfully by the photographer.

34- plate at an angle

35- ship in air

36- glasses with eyes

It’s looking like glasses are watching with eyeballs.

37- piano points

The reflection of the grill or sideway is looking like the piano. It creates a beautiful photo.

38- glass artistry

The view with glass is beautifully captured.

39- up-side down

40- insane ship

Are you thinking of its boat on the river? No, it’s just a shadow of the bridge which is enough to give you a dodge.

41- batman

42- a liquid or landscape

43- stand without stand

44- baby hack

A baby is posing with dad with the thumb in the mouth.

45-  a cloudy sky

46- transparent face

This girl is capturing a picture after using filters she becomes transparent.

47- reflection like a adog

A man standing and posing looks like a reflection of the standing dog.

48- black coffee

This photo is beautifully captured. And the smoke from coffee is looking like the man posing strongly.

49- powerful dessert

50- girls posing

It’s like a curved girl. It is such a weird picture of two girls having selfies. 

51- creepy

52- calmly sitting on water 

She is jumping but looks like sitting on the water.

53- potato or seal?

It’s a sweet potato that looks like a seal on the beach.

54- Transparent

It’s the stuff covering in the bag and looks so artistic.

55- A crazy squirrel

It’s like a crazy squirrel sitting on the wall but the picture showing it like the squirrel is side by side the car. 

56- which type of species?

Two animals make a confusion whether it’s an animal or some other species on the planet.

57-  sleepy house 

The house pretends to be sleepy. Such a creative capture.

58- dinosaur egg?

This multicolored stone is looking like dragon egg.

59- ship 

A pirate ship flying flawlessly on the sea.

60- the turtle

The turtle is sitting on the crocodile like a royal honor.

61- unicorn 

The wings painted on the horse look like a horse ready to fly.

62- tooth-smiley family

They are all posing in the picture with a smile and their front teeth are showing bluntly in the photo.

63- tricky road

The road is full of leaves and stones. And looking like the road with hurdles.

64- imaginary

The cats printed on the bag are looking like cats in the cage.

65- face of ice

The ice in the sea looks like the face of some ancient man.

66- snowy scenery

67- birds or reflection?

The birds are flying and in the daytime it is looking like a reflection of trees or something else.

68- beautiful landscape?

The door of the car shows the reflection of scenic nature.

69- a glass to cheer

Reflection of the flag in the glass is pointing towards the cheerful glass.

70- ultimate imagination

Some geographic designs give shape and the picture above is the best example of it.