7 Perfectly Timed Sports Pictures That Totally Deserve A Gold Medal!

by Tashia J. Hansen

From the Olympics to the NBAs, these modern sports tend to be televised all across the globe. Not only do they broadcast great sports, but they also produce many such glorious moments (or bloopers as we must say) on camera for the whole world to enjoy after the event. 

After every 4 to 5 years, the Olympics are held where the best athletes from every country in the world showcase their abilities in the best possible ways, in their preferred events to gain world supremacy and secure medals/ranks for their country. Even though the Olympics have become a great platform for athletes to deliver the importance of sports, there are some of those events that have become memorable due to some blunders, for being unusually hilarious, or just simply weird. 

Sometimes those moments are not just epic fail videos but those perfectly timed sports photographs can are so on point, they totally deserve a gold medal of their own. Some fans love to watch the whole show to see their favorite athletes perform, while others just wait for the silly outtakes of the event. Are you also one of those people? If yes, then sit back and enjoy a reel of the best (or worst) moments in sports history, which cameramen were able to capture at just the perfect second! 

Getting punched right on the kisser is hilarious in Slow Mo: 

Boxing is literally one of my most favorite sports of all time and you want to know why? Because I get to see people punch each other in the face (a little rude I must say). While in boxing, it is important to stay at a good distance to avoid getting hit, but sadly, that didn’t happen here. We hope that this boxer has a good dentist on his speed dial because it sure seems like he’d need it. 

Is Hockey more intense than any American Sport? 

While American people seem to be busy playing baseball, football, and even lacrosse at times, Canada is more passionate about the subtle game of hockey. But this epic fail moment may change their minds. 

Basketball Stars can fly, they believe they can touch the sky: 

I think we can all agree that all Basketball players from every part of the world have one thing in common, and that is that they are all quite tall and this allows them to soar to heights to shoot hoops. But are you sure they are not birds who can fly? Well, this picture tells otherwise. 

Sand Volleyball is way more intense than it seems: 

Volleyball is a popular team sport that takes place on a sandy beach. Of course, this sport can be practiced in gyms as well. But, is it really that intense to play? This perfectly timed photograph of a volleyball player seeks the answer to the very question too, once and for all! 

Did this athlete face the hurdle like no other? 

People talk about jumping over hurdles in life as a metaphor, but you’d be surprised to know that this is actually a field sport in which many athletes specialize. Here in this Oscar deserving photograph, you can see one runner who failed to run the hop on time, yikes, that looks painful!

Only a true friend is there to lend you a hand like no one else: 

Ironic how they say that sportsmanship is dead in this modern era, but this picture clearly tells otherwise. Here, the opponents can be seen being quite generous towards each other, when the red one bends forward, his blue shirt friend takes a step forward to boost him from behind. What friendship is really all about, right? 

Is this Tumbling Track Star meant to be a model? 

A high jump is an event that is not as easy as it appears to be. The shorter athletes usually mess it up and turn to shot-put, while the long-legged ones always seem to steal the show with their exceptional pole vaulting skills. But is this sport the only career path for these gorgeous athletes? 

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