51 years Old Couple Dies Due To COVID-19

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51 years Old Couple Dies Due To COVID-19

CoronaVirus is all that the world can think of right now. People’s lives have come to an indefinite pause as millions have given in to the disease. A majority of the countries have put their citizens on lockdown to prevent the virus from spreading

Nations across the globe are telling their citizens to maintain a strict social distance. However, the fact that this deadly virus has claimed countless lives cannot be denied. As families are looking out for their loved ones, the truth remains that a lot of families stand affected. The virus has changed the fate of many people in the world. 

Old Couple Dies Due To Corona Virus

One Such Timeless Couple Was Affected:

74-year-old Stuart Baker and Adrian Baker died due to the infamous virus early this April. It seems that the couple was inseparable. According to their son Buddy Baker, the couple started feeling unwell in mid-March. After a visit to the hospital, the couple was told to quarantine themselves as a precaution. Their health condition did not seem to improve over time. 

After a couple of days, Stuart Baker started having fever and asthma, which resulted in him being hospitalized. Although Adrian did not have any fever, she did not feel exceptionally well, said their son. Within two days, Buddy got a call from the hospital, saying that his father tested positive for COVID-19. The doctor said that the chances of surviving were almost negligible. 

51 years Old Couple

The Inevitable End Of Inseparable Lovers

As a precaution, Baker and his sister decided to take their mother to the hospital as well. Within an hour of her getting admitted, her Oxygen levels went extremely low. The doctors told Baker that she wasn’t going to make it either. With both their parents in that condition, Baker decided to get them shifted in the same room. Their ventilators were taken off for them to be comfortable. The couple died within just 6 minutes of each other. Baker’s family has since been trying to raise awareness among the people to stay careful and safe.