5 Scenes from Gilmore Girls that prove Dean Forester was the Worst boyfriend to Rory

by heatfeed

Gilmore Girls was one of the most beloved American TV shows of the 2000s. Many tuned in to watch Lorelai Gilmore navigate through life as a single mother to her vivacious and brilliant daughter Rory. The show ran for seven seasons and showed both the main character’s evolution and their struggles in the realm of family, friendships, and romance. The chemistry between the lead actors and the many ups and downs in their lives made for a delightful comedy, evident in the show’s enduring popularity

Rory Gilmore was the quintessential American teenager. She was smart and studious and went on to study at the prestigious Yale University. Rory dated many men throughout the series, but none of them came close to being as annoying and possessive as Dean Forester, her first boyfriend she met in high school. Here are the reasons Dean Forester was the worst boyfriend to Rory: 

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When Rory begins her preparations to apply for major Ivy League Universities as has been her ambition for long, her boyfriend Dean becomes needy and forces her into spending more time with him instead of focusing on her college applications. He also tries to dissuade her from joining Chilton, elite private school for which she’d have to leave her hometown. 

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On their three month anniversary, Dean reveals that  hes building a car for Rory and that he loves her and is very serious about this relationship. Rory is taken aback by this sudden revelation and hesitates to respond, as she’s not yet ready to be in a committed relationship. This leads tp dean having a childish outburst and breaking up with Rory because he felt she didn’t love him. 

  • When Jess Morano comes into town as the new kid. He and Rory become fast friends. They have an instant connection and develop a deep bond very quickly. This leads to Dean being very jealous of their relationship and being rude towards Jess. One instance is when he gets mad that Rory has dinner with Jess. Another instance is when he gets angry that Jess couldn’t protect Rory properly as she accidentally breaks her arm while going out with him. Another instance is when he refuses to let Rory go on a picnic with Jess. 
  • Dean, throughout his relationship with Rory, was very possessive and needy. He would constantly barge Rory with questions about her whereabouts, what her intentions were,  whether she loved him or not. He would often disturb her when she’s busy with school work and not give her space and time for herself. He’d constantly call her and leave multiple messages for her. 
  • Dean tries to play coy when Rory asks him to go to the dance with her, even though it should be the other way around. He acts like he’s too good for an annual school dance. However, he gets jealous when Rory contemplates taking Jess to the dance. And finally, he breaks up with Rory in front of the entire school at the dance marathon as he accuses her for having feelings for Jess.