5 Effortless Techniques to make your Dog Smarter

by heatfeed
5 effortless techniques to make your dog smarter

It is a widely accepted fact that dogs are one of the most intelligent animal species out there. They are easily domesticated, they are very impressionable, and they are extremely loyal. There is no doubt why they are called man’s best friend.

Dogs are used in search of drugs and criminals, some breeds of dogs are used to guide people with disabilities or who are undergoing physiotherapy, some are trained to guard infants and young children and even adults, some are also used in circuses to perform tricks and the list goes on. 

Dog Breeds

Dog breeds differ in intelligence levels, meaning some are smarter than others since it is easier to train them.  Border collies are considered the smartest breed in training and obedience, along with poodles, pugs, golden retrievers, Dobermans, Shetland sheepdogs, beagle, Labrador retrievers, Rottweilers, Australian cattle dogs, and German shepherds. 

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No matter what the breed of your dog, they all can be trained with these easy tricks- 

Start Early

Training dogs since they are puppies will yield better results in the long run. You can start training a puppy when they are as young as five to seven weeks old. But this doesn’t mean older dogs cannot be trained. They will just require more dedication. Dogs are very obedient animals and always respond to their owners.

Naming your puppy and calling it by its name several times in a day will help familiarize the puppy with the sound of its name and respond to it when it’s called. Using other simple words such as “sit,” “stand,” “fetch,” along with a gesture, will teach your dog to understand better what you’re saying.  

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 Associate commands with gestures

It is believed that dogs have the intelligence level of a two to five-year-old human baby. This means they can understand small words such as “food,” “walk,” “fetch,” etc. You can use gestures to your advantage as animals respond better to visual cues. For example, you could point to an object and your dog will pick it up and bring it to you. You could point to the door and your dog will push it to close it. 

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Use Treats

The best way to get your dog to follow command is to tease it with a treat. All animals respond with enthusiasm for food. You can get your dog to learn tricks such as standing only two legs, rolling over, lifting their paw, fetching a ball and numerous other tricks by rewarding them with treats after they complete the trick.  


It is said that dogs should be introduced to the outside world and sometimes to other dogs as well within 4 months of their birth. Taking your dog for a walk or to the park or for shopping or just for a ride in your car will greatly impact the dog’s learning ability. 

Fun Games

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Apart from the well-loved game of fetch, you can play other fun games with your dog such as hide and seek, where the dog can seek you out with its sense of smell, a game of names where you can teach your dog new names of objects and make them locate the objects in the house or treasure hunt where you can put treats in different places and command your dog to locate them.