40 Weirdest Photographs that explains the “Meanwhile in Russia” joke people make so often

by heatfeed

Russia is a country full of rich culture and history, but sometimes, you’ll find the most bizarre things happening in it. Some of the things you’ll find in Russia are just downright hilarious and we’ll tell you all the reasons why. Russia has always been the type of country that has been quite secretive, so most people just used to make assumptions about its culture and residents. From riding bikes in high heels to worshiping their country’s president, you just never know what you might see when you visit Russia. 

Check out these hilariously bizarre photographs of the Russian locals, and let us know which one of these images you found the weirdest. We have no doubts that you’ll be blown away by the country’s impenetrable uniqueness: 

  1. Squat and Stare Competition: 

The Classic Squat and Stare is one of the most famous stereotypes to come out of Russia. If you know anything about Russia and its impenetrable culture, you’ll probably recognize this time of man with his flat cap and tracksuit, often known as the Gopniks. 

  1. Worshipping their President: 

Deep down we all love to gossip and chitchat about politics and our country’s great leaders. Whether we love them or absolutely hate them, they are still our country’s holders. Politics aside, this girl in the picture can be seen hailing and showing her great appreciation to Putin. 

  1. Riding a bike in high heels? 

High heels are probably the worst shoe choice when it comes to riding bikes around the city, but this girl doesn’t seem to care so much. The young lady was seen turning heads when she was seen zipping around in her eye-catching bright red motorcycle, that too in gorgeous high heels. 

  1. Police or Models? 

When visiting Russia, you never know what you might find there. In other countries of the world, we see the police dressed in that typical uniform, which includes those loose pants and button-up shirts with comfortable boats to run in. However, things in Russia are a little different. Can you imagine how hard it must be for these stunning officers to chase someone in those high heels? 

  1. A friendly Cooking Battle: 

It seems as these girls don’t need pans and pots for cooking, so they decided to use them as weapons. In this photograph, you can see these two young ladies having a friendly cooking battle, in ever-so stylish clothing. 

  1. Stretching is good for health: 

Besides gymnastics, Russia is also quite famous for its brilliant ballerinas. This girl decided to practice some splits during her free time in school, in a French maid costume, which you’ll be surprised to know that they are the traditional school uniform in Russia. 

  1. Pool Party with a twist: 

When this photograph surfaced on the internet at first, people had a lot of questions. But the first question that popped into everyone’s head was how drunk were these men to hold such a pool party? Clearly, enough to not even care about the consequences of putting electronic appliances in water.  

  1. Unique fashion choices: 

We all know that Paris and Milan are the forever capitals of fashion and style, but that certainly doesn’t mean Russia is any less. These photographs are proof that Russia has some interesting street fashion. 

  1. Are sausages the new accessories?

Some people just love sausages so much that they don’t even hesitate to wear them as accessories. We have no idea what was going on in that girl’s head when she decided to post a picture of herself on Facebook wearing sausages on her head. I mean, they do look super cool. Won’t you agree? 

  1. Fresh jewelry: 

When you receive a piece of jewelry from a friend, you usually expect them to be from a basic mall or jewelry store.  However, this girl surely has an extraordinary man in her life because recently she was seen wearing a freshly caught piece of jewelry around her neck. 

  1. 1985 or Graduation? 

If you didn’t already know, let me tell you that most school uniforms look like traditional French-maid outfits. During the traditional “The Last Bell” graduation ceremony, this girl wore the classic school outfit that seemed a little too promiscuous, don’t you think? 

  1. Are slipper funnels the new trend? 

Have you ever heard about using slippers as beer funnels? If not, then don’t be too surprised because we are talking about Russia here, where anything is possible. It is a fact that Russian people love drinking Vodka, but why are they trying to ruin it by using a dirty slipper as a funnel? 

  1. Who said women can’t be strong? 

The women in Russia are stronger than you might expect. They are confident, courageous, and sometimes, bodybuilders as well. So don’t try to mess with them! 

  1. Girls can fix cars: 

Some people see women and automatically think that they are soft and gentle. While it may be true in some countries, Russia is a bit different. There, women are tough and strong enough to even fix cars and machinery, and the photograph of this smiling girl is the proof. 

  1. Is this position comfortable? 

Ever since the debut of the Soviet gymnasts in the 1952 Olympics games, Russia has been producing strong, confident, and hardworking gymnasts who have many folds. This girl looks like she could be one of Russia’s most flexible young ladies, who started training at birth. 

  1. There is no rulebook when it comes to fashion: 
  1. Bears are great at horse riding: 
  1. A weird place for photography: 
  1. Questionable clothing choices: 
  1. Shower time!
  1. Odd means of transportation: 
  1. Travelling can be cheap too:
  1. I would like a Big-Mac: 
  1. Too hot to handle: 
  1. Water Sports are fun: 
  1. Clean-up crew dressed for Halloween: 
  1. Store Raid Fashion: 
  1. Peep-peep! 

Scrub A Dub Dub In The Motorcycle Tub

  1. Taking soap dispensers to the next level: 
  1. Shoe Salad, literally: 
  1. Well-constructed Fire Escape: 
  1. A slippery slide: 
  1. Who said birds can’t be fashionable? 
  1. Music while we shovel: 
  1. Aye Aye Captain! 
  1. Head over heels in Love: 
  1. Legally Blonde, but make it Russian
  1. Creative thinking: 
  1. When you graduate from online school: 
  1. Safety First!