People In This Online Group Share 40 Things That Have Very Successful Sales But Are Actually Terrible Products

by heatfeed

Have you gone through a situation that irritated you a lot? And you are wondering why people are still using this product. That makes this product compete in the market. Worst experience related to the product makes your behavior rough, irritated, and aware of the product. It also reflects the angry behavior when some movie or game you are waiting for so long disappoints you with their content.

So, you automatically become thoughtful about that product. how can this product be in a market and make the producers of the product millionaires? 



As this is an animal, not a product. But some people are doing business and sell them as a product and are not treating them as a living thing. This is because of the behavior of the people. They want to purchase from branded online stores but not from stores. These online stores have websites. Customers make their purchases by ordering them and the owners of the website drop them at your doorstep. As they have the same animals as the local pet store.

Some online stores have a motive that they sell pets only to those who are good caretakers but the fact that they never visited the purchaser’s home once after the sale to look for the pet. The breeders of the dogs have approved licenses obtained from the authorities.

Some purchasers thought that and highlighted that they are purchasing these animals only for good care. And saved them from violence. But it’s not right in most of the situations they make a profit by selling them to the other one seeking the right highest amount.

so, it’s time to educate people to only buy from authentic websites and breeders. And avoid buying online.



Diamonds are useless stones that are digging and used for the slavery trade. We should avoid finding diamonds and stop digging the earth in search of it and use those which are made in laboratories.



These homeopathic medicines contain one molecule that makes it dilutable. The shaking of the bottle  didn’t activate those molecules. These are the products in the market that irritate the customer but still earn profits and have a market share.


To make the body healthy, getting rid of the toxins from the body is essential. These are used to remove toxins from the body. Liver and kidneys do this function very well. So no need to take artificials to or detox products to get toxins out of the body.









Low quality headphones made high quality and weighted by putting some heavy metal in it.



This is ban in America but still used in many products.



Low quality tissue paper that sells in their time massively.





This makes huge profits in years. These are cosmetic transactions just for enjoyment.


This toy is packed and made a great sale in their time. But there are some queries like these that are surprising toys. Once it is opened from the box you come to know what it is and never be used again.



These are the dietary pills which are harmful and have a lot of side effects.


A disease caused to the pets in which they started to behave differently and thick liquid started to come out of their eyes. This is caused by IIRC chemical which causes the allergy on their skin and these problems.


This is the device who earns a lot of money but gives poor streaming on the device. Especially in the areas where fixing the stream line is not possible like rural areas.


This is an old printer that stocks a lot and creates difficulty for IT people.




These video games have little transactions that will be made in the video game-like to buy an outfit etc.



This build-up for the gammers. It is expensive but the most easily handled and balanced machine ever made. Later on, it was bought by Dell. The Dell company worked on it and brought out many series. As the price is still premium but has a modern device with large RAM and compatible features.



This rock is collected from a Mexican beach. The man who picked it used it for business in the ’70s. He packed it in a box with details of how to keep it. It needs care like a pet. And it is the most sold product of the time. 


Canadian radio television and telecommunication commission does nothing in the cellular market. Anything can be offered in the market without any approvals. No innovativeness.


The trend of playing a game changes. Ads are one of the attractive ways to attract customers and play games. But some brands make it worse for the customers. Like the NBA made it lame for the gamers.


Games that turn out to be the famous one for this year. Gamers want new innovations and content for the games. So, most played games have some unique features.


These are the card that is famous for money that is available in any part of the world and you can withdraw it.