31+ Most Bizarre Inventions from the past, you won’t believe someone actually invented them

by heatfeed

If you are a 90s kid, you have probably seen some of the weirdest creations. But frankly speaking, none of them even come close to how bizarre these 31+ inventions from the past are. There are plenty of inventions that were made in the past that changed the course of history, including the invention of cellphones, cars, televisions, and so forth. However, some things that were thought to be the next big invention were a total flop. From formulating cars that shaped like hamster wheels to making pointless electric pens, people from the 1900s have done it all. 

Keep reading to check out all the bizarre inventions, which people from the past thought we would be using nowadays: 

  1. Trying to achieve Society’s Beauty Standards: 

Ever since the beginning of time, only a thin and slender woman was considered beautiful. To achieve these unrealistic beauty standards of society, a ‘Slendo Massager’ was invented in the 1940s, which women went crazy over. However, it only left red marks on women’s thighs and no weight-loss results were seen. 

  1. A torture machine to improve skin complexion: 

The beauty standards we see today in our society didn’t come around just a couple of years ago. They were present even decades ago. This beauty treatment glamour device was invented in the 1940s to improve the skin complexion of dark-skinned women. We have no idea how these women even breathed in this torturous machine. 

  1. Underwater photography through Submarine tubes: 

Charles Williamson invented Submarine Tubes back in the 1910s, which was seen as the future of underground photography. The idea of this underwater apparatus was simple and was surely a perfect way to stay connected with marine life. 

  1. The Welte-Mignon Piano that pre-recorded music: 

Invented in the 1900s, the purpose of this piano was to play pre-recorded music. The Welte-Mignon Piano wasn’t like regular pianos; this one was all about the performance. It could record the music on rolls, so people could take it home with them, and play the music anytime they want.

  1. Robots programmed to do the household work: 

Back in the 1900s, people used to be very fascinated with the idea of robots doing their household chores. So, someone invented a robot that could only perform two tasks, which were, picking up the telephone and hanging it up. Even though it wasn’t of much use, people were still extremely excited about the innovation. 

  1. Was this Bell Rocket Belt a promising invention for the military? 

In the 1960s era, a peculiar invention known as the “Bell Rocket Belt” was created for the US Military Forces. The purpose of this rocket was to help a person leap a short distance by just wearing this thing on his back. However, the US Army lost interest in this contraption because they considered it too heavy to be used. 

  1. Traveling via a hamster wheel: 


This invention might seem totally strange to you, but it was thought of as the way of the future back in the 1930s. This mono-wheel car, which was inspired by the hamster wheel, was made for transportation purposes but it surely had plenty of drawbacks. The lack of stability of this car made it impossible to be used every day. 

  1. This wearable parachute helped people shoot for the Sky: 

A wise Austrian Inventor created this wearable parachute that supposedly allowed people to jump from high places safely whenever they needed to. Even though this invention got people super excited, there were too many accidents caused by it, and we are not surprised. 

  1. A tiny umbrella to keep Cigarettes dry all the time: 

When it comes to tobacco and cigarettes, we have seen tons of innovations made by people, but let me be honest; this is one of the most bizarre ones I have ever seen in my life. How much does a person have to be addicted to smoking that they come up with such ideas? In all honestly, this invention makes no sense because you can always smoke under a regular umbrella, which will also keep your whole body dry. 

  1. Getting creative with….pens? 

Writing with simple pens must be hardback in the 1900s, that’s why Mr. Thomas Edison thought about inventing an electric pen that could make copies of documents that people were writing. Although this creativity was appreciated at first, it could not compete with the classic typewriters. 

  1. A floating car so you can dive right in: 

Who said you can only travel by sea using a boat or ship? In the 1960s, an Amphicar was launched to cruise in the water easily, but unfortunately, this invention was neither considered the decent car, nor a motorboat. This floating car was a complete flop when people realized they couldn’t do much with it. 

  1. Electrified Water meant to cure hangovers: 

Electrified water….already seems dangerous right? Well, don’t worry because it isn’t as risky as it sounds. In the early 1900s, people used to dip their clothes in this water to sterilize them without the use of soap. However, in 1920, people thought that putting their hands in electrified water was a way to cure hard hangovers. But, it didn’t do much as you may have already assumed. 

  1. A robot created to read books to people: 

As time passed, fewer and fewer people were interested in reading books due to the effort and time it takes. But to solve this problem, inventors in the 1960s created this robotic device to help people read books and novels faster by showing just one line of the page at a time. It helped people to stay focused and read better. 

  1. Hit clips to play only 60 seconds of a song: 
  1. The Motorola Razr cellphones: 
  1. See through electric cellphones were the new obsession: 
  1. Watching a movie….with all the lights lit? 
  1. Who thought flying tanks was a good idea? 
  1. DuraCcell, a battery that told how much percentage is left: 
  1. Portable DVD Players, the next best thing: 
  1. Flying Saucer Cameras to identify Alien Spaceships (aka UFOs): 
  1. Rear-facing seats in a Station Wagon for Safety Purposes: 
  1. Thick big-screen televisions: 
  1. Isn’t using phones while driving Dangerous? 
  1. Colorful Robot Dogs that were just too annoying: 
  1. Car DVD players for those long family road trips: 
  1. The Classic Video Phones: 
  1. The Helio-motor invented to replace electricity: 
  1. Portable record players that were a flop from the start: 
  1. Nothing screens class than a watch that turned blue at night to protect our vision: 
  1. These classic MP3 players that ruined every song: 
  1. No one was considered cool if they didn’t have a SideKick back then: