25 Hilarious Tattoo Fails that you have ever seen

by heatfeed

A tattoo is a weird fashion that most people are following nowadays. These tattoos include funky designs, faces, or some random quotes. The quotes in another language are now in trend and most of them are following it. 

But mostly the tattoos get spoiled by the tattoo artist. It may be due to non-artistry skills or an artist failed to understand the design.  Sometimes artists donot feel like working on their customers so they just ruin the whole art over the body. This is such an absurd thing to do to someone.

There are few pictures that are showing the hilarious tattoo fails that some artist has made and if you are interested to get a tattoo look at these first.

The perfect teary tattoo – but where? You would not find them here in these funny pictures. 

This beautiful photo was ruined. The advertisement of the tattoo shop was roasted by the people in the comments. And they laughed and criticized their work.

Perfect Unicorn with Unsuitable tattoo line

This tattoo is so beautiful but the unicorn tattoo doesn’t match with the line used.  Neither the words on the line is something of good syntactic health. This is so absurd, too much pain for nothing? However, you cannot take your eyes from the slim and smart pretty unicorn, which feels feminine in nature. Her hair was hurled under the pressure of air.

 It’s my life

This Is an irregular tattoo. Jon Bovi is famous in the music industry. But the line doesn’t show the recognition of the celebrity. This could be your life, but your life is so bleary, rough, and disarrayed, keep your living in a line, or at least try to. The messy kind of carving of the tattoo made it worst.

Wrong phrase…

This is not only one but there are many cases of tattoos having wrong spelling and it changes the whole meaning of the phrase.

Technically embarrassing

This tattoo is technically wrong. But the one who made a mistake-totally owns her embarrassment. Oh my god, christ could never forgive him for he is doing everything wrong to get to him. May God bless him and ‘strengthen’ him to correct the spellings on his ruined tattoo.


This man creates conflict between the tattoo and his real life personality. And the audience highly criticizes him because he is a religious personality. However the wings of the fallen angels look so astonishing and holy. More power to the person who has the audacity of showing others what he loves the most. There’s nothing wrong in being religious or bowing to some deity. Just remember that you are not feeling any pressure doing your thing.

Disruptive data 

Using the right information is important. This tattoo artist has drawn the wrong date of her grandpa’s death. Grandpas are important to one’s life and happiness. If they die, it means you are not getting the affection of some elderly figure anymore, which is sad to a great extent. Remember them in your prayers not only in the wrongly carved tattoos.

Happy boy

A boy got a tattoo and he is very happy by having this on his body. But the ink on the body is observed by the audience and criticizes him.  Huff, it seems to be a blunder but what can we do? The boy seems to be more than happy to acquire ‘the ugliest tattoo’ in the world. 

A Grammar flaw

This is again another tattoo with grammar flaws. And the tattoo is too long to be called something ‘aesthetic’ or beautiful. So think twice if you really need to do it again.

The Foreign tattoo

It’s in trend to make tattoos on the body in foreign languages. This man has done the same. And he is showing the meaning of his tattoo: the “ turkey sandwich”. Which is the combination of two words from two distinct languages. Man, what a dreary combination is it to do so.

Woah – Mess with colors

This tattoo is messed with colors. A lady wants to make a galaxy but the artist has done something awful. It seems as if hell is taking place at one body part of the tattoo owner.

A Dusty spot…

This is something not looking normal. Either it is looking like a skin problem or some type of skin spots. But where is the tattoo? Did it shatter already? We are so astonished to look at it. But alas, nothing can be done now.

 A perfect Portrait tattoo?

The picture of two ladies is highly ruined by the artist. What do you people think about it? What do you people think about it? These two friends were about to make the best memory of their friendships but the tattoo girl frowned at them and ruined the tattoo for her life. This seems to be a civil emergency.

Foreign language flaw

Here is another flaw in tattoos. And it is the name of one type of soup showing on the menu. What the hell is going on in the tattoo world? Are people unable to find anything amusing in their life? Nothing can be done now, right?

Criticized by the audience

Another list of comments showing the criticism on tattoos. But such criticism kills the soul of the person and renders them alone and pathetic in their lives. But such criticism kills the soul of the person and renders them alone and pathetic in their lives. Whenever we share our comments on the internet we need to be careful to share our thoughts because the receiver of these comments is also a living entity who can think and read as well.

Your name? Or ‘nane’…

Another spelling mistake is being observed by social media. This one’s hilarious. Such are basic mistakes are made by the people who love tattoos. This mistake only depicts the irresponsibility of the tattoo artist. Why would he do anything like that?

Beautiful smiling portray

Totally opposite tattoo made by the tattoo artist. The beautiful lady is poorly drawn by him. She is a famous celebrity and the artist who did this to her is showing his unskilled work.

Forehead creativity

This lady has drawn this tattoo on her forehead. And it is totally crazy. 

Wrong Directions

Tattoos can be drawn in any way but the right use of information is very important. Here, the flaw is the wrong directions shown by the compass.


It’s not Pikachu but it’s something else. We all know about this pokemon character – but the artist did something wrong with it.

Angelina Jolie?

We can say that after seeing this tattoo this is not the one on the left side. 

Cute smiling baby hack 

The cute baby is shown in this picture but on the tattoo, it looks like an old person. The tattoo artist won’t be able to understand this.

Photo ruined

This tattoo is not matching with the picture. A person should visit some creative tattoo artist. 

Mishap with crab

This flaw is totally owned by the artist. This beautiful crab is ruined by the artist.

Creativity at its peak

This work is fabulous but what about the placement. According to the audience, the placement of the tattoo goes wrong.

Funny baby face

This tattoo is illogical. It can be funny but the audience got not impressed and criticized the artist and creativity. But wait.. Is it the creativity?

Tattoo or pencil drawing?

Such an awful tattoo that it takes time to think either it is a tattoo or simply a pencil drawing.

Siblings portray got a new style

The tattoo artist spoiled the picture of siblings. Unskilled artists have done shamefully wrong with their faces.

Flower or lion flower?

It is a creative one. But it confuses the audience whether it is a flower or flower-faced lion.