‘If 2020 Was A…’ – Hilarious Memes That Perfectly Summed Up Last Year

by Tashia J. Hansen

‘If 2020 Was A…’ – Hilarious Memes 

Here are some funny memes from 20202 that are sure to make you laugh. 2020 had its fair share of world-changing events, from a terrible epidemic to a worldwide one.

2020 had its fair share of world-changing events, from a terrible epidemic to a worldwide campaign for racial justice.2020 was a hectic and horrible year. 

The year 2020 will be remembered for a long time. It has left an indelible mark on our memory for completely flipping our lives upside down. It resulted in a slew of modifications. It was an excruciatingly painful year, while for others, it was a year marked by a complete lack of activity. The Pandemic impacted our lives somehow, causing apparent changes in our lifestyles — some for the better. The entire social structure was affected.

 People found methods to continue living and earning a living. Work From Home provided a way for businesses and organizations to progress. It reduced the amount of time and energy spent commuting. The line between Home and business became more blurred, to the point that people worked without taking a break.

But what makes everything better? Memes. Here are some funny memes from 20202 that are sure to make you laugh. Whatever you may have missed, we can all agree that this has not been the year we anticipated, and the memes below pretty well sum it up. Now you will feel less harmful about that year.

Well, we did not see that coming at all. 2020 did blow up for everyone everywhere. But not in a good way.

This is the kind of math problem that kills you, quite literally. Glad I didn’t have to solve this in school.

Yikes! That is one weird-looking lemon. If it weren’t for the caption, I would have thought it was Styrofoam.

 That picture is painful. I can already imagine the anger of all the bees in that. 

Ouch! How do people even come up with those? Well, this is precisely what 2020 felt like for me and my butt both.

There go my hopes and dreams, sinking in the ocean of 2020.  

That swing could kill a man, which is exactly what 2020 did.

Oh my God! 2020 messed us all. This is an actual picture of a trip to the grocery store. From toilet paper to chicken food, everything was gone. It felt like I had to go through fire for one can of tuna. I’m not too fond of tuna.

Not going to lie; that is the most disgusting pizza I have ever seen. I hope no one ever eats that.

Imagine walking to this bathroom late at night, thinking you have opened the door to an underground portal. Well, in 2020, anything was possible. An underground portal sounds much better than earth anyway.

I want to know what that lady is buying. I don’t know whether to be scared of this or feel weird about this.

This building will collapse for sure. Just like my ambitions and love life crashed in 2020.

Suppose this isn’t all of us in 2020. Well, my question is, why isn’t this guy wearing a mask. It’s 2020, dude. Wear a show, please.

I hope that kid made it out alive from that slide, unlike my fitness regime that fell apart. Also, only a child hater would design a drop like that.

I wouldn’t want to eat that ice cream. But in 2020, even that ice cream looked good. Talk about priorities changing. 

That fish looks like he is having a hard time breathing. Didn’t we all have a hard time breathing in our masks too?

Say what you have to say, but I think it’s a brilliant candle. I love to have this in my home.

A door to heaven or hell; whatever you like.

... a sign

This is so confusing, just like how our governments kept on imposing the lockdown throughout the year.

... a lollipop

 Questionable choice, but okay. We all have our differences.

... a couple

The kids are adorable, and the meme, well, the meme, is hilarious.

How do you even get in this car? I just want to talk with manager.
... a lego set

2020 even has its very own Lego set. How cute!

... a nice cup

I hope this cup designer quit and is now living a good life, which all of us can’t live because of this cup.

... a rubix cube

 Even Sheldon Cooper cannot solve this Rubix cube.

... a fortune cookie

 This fortune cookie will break your heart
... a beer

A correct representation of 2020 for all of us. 
... a show promo

I feel sorry for that guy falling over in the front, but at least his face is covered. No one knows who he is.

... a car

This is us, powering through these difficult times with what little we have left. But on a serious note, I hope the guy driving the car got home safe.

... a washing machine

 When you are so hot that your clothes catch fire.

... a candy
... a drink

Is that why we hoarded all that toilet paper in 

2020? Now, I understand everything.

That is the Karen of cold drinks. 2020 was also a Karen.

... a dive

 I feel bad for the swimmer. But this is me jumping into 2020 with hopes of traveling and getting hit by lockdown after lockdown.

... an avocado

 I was feeling sorry for the guy who bought this avocado.

... nachos

That looks so bland, just like all the food in 2020.

... a thanksgiving feast

 That looks like something you can eat in the quarantine only.

... a painting

If you don’t understand this painting, you haven’t been through 2020.

... a walk in the woods

That is what it feels like to walk through a pharmacy without a mask on. Now you know.

... a vehicle

 A visual representation of my mental state in 2020.

... a picture

 Well, she isn’t wrong. It would help if you were happy in both cases.

... a car ride

 Can this car ride take me out of 2020?

... a science show

 Well, we have been there before at the beginning of 2020, haven’t we?
... a bloody mary

It looks like they just threw in everything they could find in the house.
... a pineapple

That pineapple is as small as my motivation to get out of bed every day.

... a drink

I don’t think anyone would mind that in 2020.

... a traffic light

So this is what mixed signals look like.

... a chess board

Now I finally know how to play chess.

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