20 Walmart people who took being weird to another level

by heatfeed

There are normal people and then there are Walmart people who came to shop but got taken away with the magic of unique things. There’s a huge difference between the two honestly speaking. No doubt Walmart offers easy and cheap access to everything of daily use but there are a few people who take it way too emotionally that too in a weird way. Here is a list of 20 strange instances proving that Walmart sure is a place where you get to see weirdness to a whole other level.

  1. Spa days are off the edge

See what the whole crisis has done to the poor sorority girls. They couldn’t find any time to visit the spa-like usual so all the grown hair have taken over their whole body.

  1. Laundry day

It probably was a laundry day so they had to wash literally every cloth in the closet. But what if you run out of washing powder at the last moment? Of course, you rush to Walmart! but thank God they had at least something to wear.

  1. Leopard prints everywhere

These ladies most likely drooled over these leopard-printed jumpsuits at Walmart and just couldn’t resist themselves to put them on. How cute!

  1. Spaceman alert!

What do you think the spacemen eat in space? Of course, they need supplies too. What’s the big deal if this spaceman wanted to gather some supplies before heading out for space. Walmart has something for you too big man!

  1. Onboard the Walmart train

You need to step out as this senior citizen Walmart train approaches. I guess they have a whole party mode on. 

  1. Always up for a picture

Wow, this person must be a photoholic to never say no to a picture even if it’s in front of packaged food that too without a shirt. He must have forgotten to put on a shirt in a hurry on his way to Walmart.

  1. Cutest grandpas

Look at these cute grandpas fully dressed up looking just perfect. 

  1. Seriously??

Sneaker with heels?? Seriously?? I wish this picture had the face of this person who actually decided to buy these useless shoes. This is hands down the most trashy design in the history of shoes.

  1. Be careful Nana!

Hey Nana! Watch out for that Nana slicer that you’re holding. Please put that back, no one’s losing a Nana today!

  1. More spacemen alert!

Well, this time they‘ve decided to come supply hunting in an inflatable spaceman suit. What are they trying to do? Defy gravity?

  1. Face shield

Is that a DIY face shield or what? I hope he’s able to breathe through that thing not to mention reading the box that he’s trying to do.

  1. A true example of ignoring the signs

Okay well, this one has to be outside Walmart but come on man just read the damn signs will ya? 

  1. Mission: Top shelf

Now she is a real genius to wear heels this high in order to reach the top shelf. It is totally fine to have a little backache to get those top-shelf deals in return.

  1. What an idea!

 Of course, there’s no safe place to put those glasses when crouching down. Not even in the pocket, not by the neck of the shirt, but to put them by the butt is the safest place of all. 

  1. She doesn’t care, does she?

Honestly speaking, she is not strange at all but she sure is exhausted as hell. Who says we can’t take a power nap wherever we want?

  1. Walmart marriage

Want a themed wedding? What about a Walmart-themed wedding inside an actual Walmart store? Oh, wait! It’s more like a destination wedding now!

  1. A secret’s always a secret

We need to make sure his secret stays safe with us. Of course, no one will ever know buddy!

  1. A Big furry shirt

What nice fur on that shirt! Looks like it’s handmade. Oh, wait! Is that really a shirt or ….

  1. The forehead .. of course!

There’s no harm in being a little bit extra safe. 

  1. New shoe design

This guy is living way ahead of us all. Who needs a shoe sole? that’s too backward! Just tie a shoestring and you’re good to go! That design is one hell of a head-turner for sure.