This 183 Sq.ft Cylinder Shaped Cabin can be Assembled Anywhere in the World: WE ARE OBSESSED!

by heatfeed

When we were little, we always used to dream about living in a big mansion one day far in the world, that had lots of rooms, a big swimming pool, and of course, a giant desert room filled with our most favorite treats we could ever imagine. However, as we got older, we realized that “less is more” and our definition of “bigger” has certainly changed. We can see this cultural change mostly in the modern Tiny House movement and it’s safe to say that it is pretty incredible! 

We would all love to enjoy a relaxing getaway in the most beautiful areas of the world, be it camping in the woods, mountains, renting a small cabin in the middle of nowhere, or just spending the day by the lake with our loved ones. 

Well, it seems that getter closer to nature and woods has become a lot convenient and comfortable now, due to these prefabs, round cylindrical shaped cabins with sliding glass walls/windows, which you can assemble almost anywhere in the world. 

These modern cabins are known as “LumiPods”, which are 183sq.ft. This fantastic assembled cabin comes with a simple bedroom and a bathroom. They have beautifully charred wood cladding and a glass façade that makes it easier to maintain a connection between the exterior and the interior spaces. This cabin has been specially designed for all those stressed-out city dwellers who love such getaways. 

The All-new Tiny Cabins called “LumiPods” measure 183 square feet, and contains a minimalistic bedroom and bathroom:

They have been designed by a French company called “Lumicene”, who stated that this innovation is a “cocoon of simplicity”:

This small cabin provides a wonderfully obstructed view from any position inside: 

Lumipods Components: 

The components of this Mini Cabin are: 

  • Curved Entry Door
  • LUMICENE curved reversible windows 
  • Bathroom and a toilet. 
  • Wardrobe
  • 150 sq.ft (14 square meters) bedroom with a panoramic view
  • Utility closet available. 
  • Curved Wood-frame walls. 
  • Simple Curtains

View of the simple bedroom inside the all-new Lumipods: 

They can be shipped anywhere and can be assembled within just two days’ notice: 

The Pods are manufactured in such a way that they can withstand almost any climatic condition, while the interiors are built with well-insulation materials: 

The currently available LumiPods must be connected to water, electricity, or some sort of wastewater network; however, the company is trying to explore new ways to make this cabin a totally off-grid version in the upcoming future.