17 People who have the fakest pictures on social media

by heatfeed

Now the day’s filters and Photoshop tools making things possible which are latterly impossible. These filters and tools fulfill your wishes to be perfect. People which are not perfect in real they show themselves perfect in social media photos. Sometimes these tools and filters make pictures so unreal and we can just laugh at them. Their wish to become perfectionists makes them so far from perfection. 

1, A little taller and a little thinner:

Wish to become taller and thinner make her a photo horror movie undead girl. She is deadly thin and tall anyone can easily understand that it is the result of the filter and Photoshop tool. 

2, Looking like an animated character:

This guy must be a game lover that’s why her picture is so animated. It is so unreal but we can’t help it. We can just laugh and laugh. 

3, A picture speaks:

She is not fear enough but her desire to become fear makes her fun. The billboard picture reveals her secret. she uses filters to show herself fear but all in vain. 

4, Some filters make you ugly:

She has used so many filters at a time which m her so ugly and horrible. Maybe she doesn’t want to reveal her beauty because it is sure that she must be better without filters.

5, Look at the Mirror:

Just use your brain before Photoshop. The girl in the picture but Photoshop her waste but forgot that she is in front of the mirror. The mirror reveals the truth. 

6, A boy with 3 hands:

It is just wondering how he has 3 hands. At least use the tool brilliantly. 

7, The shadow is telling the Truth:

She tries very well with tools but failed. On the wooden bridge, the shadow is telling the truth.

8, Can you spot the differences?

With little differences and editing her photographer posted her picture. In my opinion, she does not need any editing she is already very pretty.

9, Is he a Doll?

Limitless photo editing he seems like a doll. At first look, he looks like a doll. 

10, A Quick Trip:

She edits very well but forgot everyone has a shadow.

11, She must be in hurry:

She must be hurry while editing the picture. Ops ! she forgot one breast. 

12, She makes herself Witch:

Unlimited editing makes her like a witch. 

13, She nailed it:

She edits her waist in the picture and she nailed it. 

14, The Arm:

She wants a perfect figure but in this effort, she removes some part of her arm.

15, The Anime:

She used so many filters and the result is here. She is looking like a doll. At least she is not looking like a human. 

16, Use perfect background:

Use perfect background before Photoshop your picture. Do not use backgrounds like a stair or straight-line otherwise it will reveal your secret.

17, So Fake:

There is a point where photograph altering and channels make everybody appear to be identical. Attempt to avoid arriving at that point.