16 people who made the wrong call and probably lived to regret it!

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16 people who made the wrong call and probably lived to regret it!

Every day, all of us make plenty of important decisions that tend to influence both us and the people living around us. These tough decisions can have a massive impact on our future. Sometimes, people make such abysmal decisions in their lives that it leaves them regretting it for life. 

With that being said, I want you to see these ridiculously hilarious decisions made by these 16+ people who definitely made the wrong call. So, sit back and enjoy these photographs, and let us know your favorite in the comment section down below: 

Good advertising: 


Our local dog shelter decided to put up a picture of this dog for their advertising poster. I mean, he does look quite happy if I’m being honest. I wonder how much they paid this dog to smile like this before the shot. 

Because the bookshelf told me to do it: 


It’s probably not a very good idea to put these two sections of books together. You don’t want young people to say “the bookshelf told me to do this crime, but, it would make a pretty great defense line in the court. What do you think? 

I just want to be alone people! 


These people literally have the most worn-out-looking cat on the entire planet. This cat just turned 3-years-old and it is safe to say that she is not impressed with all the celebrations. She is a tired old lady who just wants to sit in her chair and be left alone! 

“You may kiss the bride”

This man recently got his license to officiate weddings but chose to fix his glasses at the wrong time. 



This man’s TV gave us all a life lesson when it decided to make a bold philosophical statement. Now this man has to make a huge decision and he’s questioning his entire existence. See, this is exactly what happens when people buy their televisions from The Satre Image and not The Sharper Image. 

Ah, nostalgia: 


I have absolutely no idea why anyone would ever want to get such a pathetic system’s name tattooed on their body for life. I mean, the only decision worse than getting this would be putting your head in the toilet. 

A new way to sign bills: 


A group of people went to a Chinese restaurant and got Sushi, but the restaurant forgot to give them a pen to mark the bill. So, instead of asking for one, they decided to use their chopsticks and some soy sauce as ink. I cannot even begin to imagine how messy and upsetting it must have looked, plus it’s a waste of soy sauce too. 

Wait, what’s the point? 


You know, this is what happens when people try to use 100 percent of their brain cells. Here is an image of some beautifully crafted shovels that serve no purpose. Shovel art might be the new trend now, but it is safe to say that they are ridiculously useless and stupid. 

What the… cake! 


Either this person is high or he just loves eating pork too much because this is one heck of an unusual cake. The funny thing is that one person genuinely asked why the frosting isn’t red. Honestly, I have no idea why anyone would ever want to have such a cake on their birthday. 

Siblings I swear


This girl found her boyfriend’s decision tree while she was cleaning his mom’s old attic and I guess this answers a lot of questions. The story of his sister’s mysterious disappearance has been finally put to bed. His girlfriend should be very careful while searching the closets in his childhood room. 



I will be honest, I have seen plenty of unusual hairstyle inspirations in my life but this one is by far the most absurd one I’ve witnessed. Just wait till he goes out to a club and a bunch of old drunk dudes starts playing chess on his head. That might not be the prettiest sight I admit. 

Open the damn door, Sandra: 


This cat does not look quite happy standing out in the snow. Just before anyone hits us with ‘animal abuse’ comments, let us clear out that he insisted to go out. He probably regrets it now but Sandra might be in trouble now.  She shouldn’t be surprised if she finds a dead mouse in her mouth the next day….just saying. 

Who is even designing them? 


You’ll be surprised to know that a lot of people actually loved sitting on this stool, and I genuinely feel sorry for all those people. I am already having chills thinking about how I would look sitting on this awfully designed stool. 



Just imagine this tattoo on the back of someone’s bare neck. Probably one of the worst decisions of this person’s life… 

King of making bad choices: 


He probably regrets doing this to date. 

Love has no language: 


His wife love’s language, what a horrific sight. 

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