This Online Group Shames Overly Pretentious Dishes And Here Are 15 Of The Most Hilarious Ones

by Tashia J. Hansen

Making food is a skill or creativity. And to make good food is an art. In the old times, eating simple food was the need of life. However, making the simple one was not difficult at that time.

In the 21st century, fancy dishes are becoming common and demanding. Everybody wants to try something new to make these foods more creative but, modern technology makes it a lot easier.

Presentation of the food makes it more delicious where the bad presentations can make it hilarious. 

Here to go for the most hilarious and over pretentious dishes…

1- Plain rice aviation

These are the plain rice that is presented in the shape of an airplane. So, it is proved that the real joy of the food lies not only in the creative cooking but also the creative presentation.

2- Waste-free food

That girl has started cooking and posted to start with no wastage of food. Furthermore, she followed it to the stage where she used the water after boiling the pasta in her morning coffee. Even she did know the taste or after-effects of having this coffee.

3- Ice-cream shots

Ice cream is served by a cafe in a creative way. It looks delicious in the picture and these shots make it more attractive. These espresso shots in ice cream with donut waffles make a modern and rich combination. But wait, why are the needles here?

4- Sharp and buttery 

Rather than apply butter from the knife some creative persons made the knife with butter. It is easy to apply butter using this knife as well as safe for kids too. It shows some creative and artistic skills on the breakfast table.

5- Mini pizza-Pizza

Some pizza lovers will surely like it and they can enjoy the double cheese and flavors within one pizza. Well, I am sure to say that this pizza is also made by a pizza lover.

6- Burger behind the bars

This picture shows a packed burger in the glass. It takes some time to think why the chef used this technique? And it is difficult too to understand whether the people are impressed by the creativity or confused to think how to eat? 

7- Learn to make coffee via beakers

In Australia, a cafe served coffee in a beaker and the ingredients separately. People can make coffee by adding the ingredients according to their taste.

8- Haunted bloody hand

A restaurant served a tart with the handprint covering the jam.  It is like a haunted dish. Such horror creativity by a chef.

9- Unpacked the greek salad

This salad is packed in such a constructive way that a person wants to capture it before eating. Simple ingredients and fancy creativity made the dish worth capturing.

10- Tangled sandwich

Nowadays, people are challenged and want to eat something challenging. This sandwich is based on their thoughts and specially made for them. To eat this over-stuff sandwich is such a complicated task and it is a new invention in the fast-food world.

11- Hand got spoiled

This hand is made up of greek salad and m&ms. Such tragic creativity of a chef and a person will think before eating. A mixture of sweet and savory is such an awful experience. A viewer got confused whether it is a sweet dish made by m&m or a savory salad.

12- Savory chicken or sweet ice cream

People became more experimental and it’s an opportunity for the companies to come to the market with new inventions. So, here is one of the products – chicken ice cream. It’s an ice cream shaped like fried chicken. By looking at the picture are you willing to do an experiment with your taste birds?

13-  Modern sauce squeezer

Yes, in this modern age, people have a hand in modern types of equipment. It is an easy sauce squeezer that a person can use while eating rather than opening a sauce bottle or packet.

14-  Food hack

Where the emerging market of online food is taking place, food scams are also prevailing in the market. The one shown in the picture above, the food receiver, made a funny criticism that the chef was surely bored from the routine so he delivered a boring food.

15-  Variety of ice cream 

These are two flavored mayo and ketchup ice cream. It is weird to look at but maybe good at the taste. Let’s try and share your views.

15 most pretentious dishesmost hilarious dishes