Interesting comparison photos that will give you very different perspectives

by Katie J. Ray

Comparison is a fun way to change your perspective about how you see a thing. By comparing two things we are trying to see the difference between them. 

Our perspective of seeing anything can change the whole story. It is also written in many sayings that what eyes see and perceive from something is directly connected to your perspective of seeing that specific thing. 

The change in perspective of seeing something helps you to see the two very different versions of the very same person you know.

If you’re wondering about how your thoughts could change about a person only by seeing something from a different perspective?

Here is the answer, this article has 15 pictures that can change your whole state of mind about a specific thing or person.

Let’s dive into this article to explore the truth about some unseen perspectives.


How many times have you seen The Rock? Ever thought he could look so petite?!

If you’re thinking this is an edited picture then you’re totally wrong, because this picture straightly comes from Rock’s Twitter account. This is how perspective can affect reality.


Ever thought about what is different between boys and girls except for genetic and hormonal differences? 

The accessories, the props of their daily use. We have raised them to be different from each other. It’s just a difference we have created in our minds. There are many girls out there who are stand against this backward thought of gender discrimination.


What is real and what is photoshopped? What side should you believe in? The most confusing point in this current time where everything is possible by using some tools. 

The magazine covers with or without Photoshop and it is a perfect example that everyone has flaws.


If you’re thinking that your inheritance affects your looks only 50%, here is live proof of the photocopies of The Beatles, their sons.

They look the same as their father in the new age. 


A polar bear is not so big, his size is the same as a brown wild bear. If you think the same, then you were wrong.

Here is proof, the hand of a polar bear is quite big in size so never try to shake hands.


Two popes, sitting on papal thrones. We are not here to judge what is right. But this picture shows everything from different people’s perspectives about religion and popes.


This picture is showing two bedrooms in the same house at the same time of day. One has a west side window, that window is creating all the difference. 

It also represents different personalities growing up at the same time under one roof. 


These pictures are collected from a department store. The two very different Valentine’s Day gifts for your partner. One on the right side is totally based on a traditional stereotype gift and the other hand is just a good way to spend some time with your partner. 

Both gifts could have the same value for the receivers because different personalities have different choices.   


This man is holding two eggs of different sizes and colors. In many opinions, the big egg is the one we usually bought from a store and the other one is farm-fresh.

But it is wrong, both eggs are farm-fresh. One is laid by an expert chicken and the second one is from a newbie – who has just started laying eggs.


An old school phone vs. android. The age difference between both of them is about 20 years. This old phone belongs to the mom of a Redditor. The phone was invented in1998 and the android phone is from 2018.


Comparing 1990 vs. 2018, we can clearly see the difference in technology. Whereas in 1990 you had to carry a lot of things with you and now in 2021 a cellphone is enough.


Here is the comparison report of an old phone case vs. a brand new case. Both are the same but one is used for almost one and a half years.

It doesn’t mean that it was used roughly, but the material of that case absorbs all kinds of smoke and pollution. 


A beautiful click of Pluto over Australia. Only to show that Pluto is slightly smaller than our continent Australia. And this proves that Pluto is really small. If we compare this planet with our planet earth – we will win.


What did Ken do with himself? After 30 years he is still young? Isn’t it looks like Ken had Botox treatment and thread lifting? Ken’s journey from 1985 to 2018 was amazing. 


No offense, sharks are fishes and dolphins are mammals. So, if you compare both then you find a lot of difference. The main thing is their brain. Now, you know why dolphins are so friendly and behave well with humans? However, sharks are just sharks – no explanation is needed for this underwater beast.