12+ people who shared their mid-2000s photos when they thought they were super cool, and it’s hilarious!

by heatfeed

It’s okay to admit that we all went through a weird “teenage” phase back in the day. “It’s not a phase mum, ugh!” we screamed as we slammed our doors wearing clothes we probably regret now. Even though we cringer super-hard looking back at those mid-2000s photos of ourselves when we were just teenagers, you have to admit that those photographs are pretty hilarious to look at. 

People are sharing their hilarious pictures back from the mid-2000s and while looking at them, it’ll make you realize that you weren’t the only one going through that awkward phase in life. Back in High School, we all used to think we were very cool, with our weird hairstyles, punk rock clothes, terrible fashion sense, and funny poses. 

Check out these hilarious mid-2000s pictures of people who used to think they were super cool back in the day. Let us know which one was your favorite and made you laugh the hardest! 

Warning: They’re all pretty entertaining.  

Taking “Opposite Day” too seriously: 

This teen boy took “Opposite Day” to a whole new level when he decided to dress up as a girl, instead of just wearing white and black clothes like everyone else. While living in a small town in Idaho, I’m assuming it didn’t go as well as he thought it would. 

Perfect Prom Date: 

Who said Sock puppets don’t make good prom dates? This guy got dumped just a week before his senior prom and decided to bring a sock puppet as his date. Do you think he regrets it now? Probably not. 

Love is in the Air: 

Remember that feeling when you were just a teenager and blushed every time you looked at your crush? Well, this girl decided to take her love story to a whole new level when she dedicated hours to make this “interesting” piece of imagery and tagged her crush in the post. THAT TAKES COURAGE MAN! 

A future Fashion designer everyone: 

These two love birds made their dresses from scratch when the girl’s parents decided to not give her any money for her Prom dress. They took the matters into their own hands and made a dress entirely out of duct tape for less than $30! 

Stop Blinking! 

I remember how hard it was for me to not blink while someone was taking my pictures. This little guy went through the same thing while posing for his 2nd-grade class photograph. His mom told him not to blink and he did a pretty great job I must say. 

Parents know best, or do they? 

This guy shared his 2nd-grade photograph saying he looked like a female just because his dad thought this funky hairstyle would suit his son, and his mom thought this shirt was very trendy. 

Easy to spot: 

Dressing your kids up in super bright and colorful clothes so you can easily recognize them while picking them up from school might not be such a bad idea after all, or is it? 

I don’t regret a thing: 

Her mom used to tell her that she is going to regret looking back at these pictures when she gets older. Do you think she regrets it now? 

Pet Look-alike contest: 

These siblings were forced to participate in a “pet look-alike” competition by their parents. I’m sure it still haunts them to this day. 

She’s too cool for school: 

 This girl is definitely going to save this photo for her future kids to see that she was cool at some point in her life too. 

Gracing you all with that smile: 

This kid looks like a middle-aged mom who is gracing everyone with her cheeky smile but still judging them ever so slightly. 

A pure Rebel: 

This girl shared her boyfriend’s 10th-grade photograph and I think we can all agree that is the definition of a pure rebel. His mom probably cried when she received these snaps. 

Tried too hard: 

Tried too hard to smile I guess, Allrighttttttyyyyy then matee! 

Mysterious vibes: 

Do you remember when there used to be that ONE guy in every school who used to think being weird made them feel super cool and mysterious? Well, he is definitely that ONE guy. 

Coolest High School ID I’ve ever seen: 

This girl found her high school ID and decided to share it with the world, and we are so glad that she did because OMG what was she thinking? 

Just look at this amazing transformation: 

Isn’t it amazing what growing a beard, upgrading your fashion choices, and leaving a cult can do for a person? This guy surprised us all with his stunning transformation from the year 2011 to 2020.