🖮 Wired Keyboard emoji

Wired Keyboard Emoji

Emoji Meaning

The Wired Keyboard Emoji 🖮 represented by a white-colored box of rectangular shape.  This box consists of tiny buttons of black color and a twisted wire pointing from the top of the right corner of the box. It is object used to represent the hardware of the computer that is used to type letters on the desktop of a computer.  

Note: The Wired Keyboard Emoji became a part of Unicode 7.0 in the year 2014. 

Similar Emoji 

A list of similar emojis for the Wired Keyboard emoji is  💻 Laptop, 🪗 Accordion, 🔢 Input Numbers, 🎘 Musical Keyboard with Jacks, 🖦 Keyboard, and Mouse.


🖮 U+1F5AE

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