◀️ Reverse Button Emoji

Reverse Button Emoji

Emoji Meaning

Reverse Button emoji ◀️ is represented by a symbol that is shown as a triangle pointing towards the right side and is enclosed in a square box. It is used for playing back clips either audio or video that is playing on your gadget. You can see this emoji on any of the social networking platforms with different styles.

NOTE: Reverse button emoji was made a part of Unicode 1.1 in the year 1993 by the name ‘’ Black Left-Pointing Triangle ’’ and in the year 2015 it was added to Emoji 1.0.

Apple Name

◀️ Left-Pointing Triangle

Also Known As

◀️ Left Triangle

Unicode Name

◀️ Black Left-Pointing Triangle


◀ U+25C0



:arrow_backward_reverse_button: (Github, Slack)

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