Pinterest Video Downloader

by Helen C. Forrester

Pinterest video downloader is an online free video downloader, allowing millions of users each day to download and save their favorite Pinterest videos. 

How to download Pinterest videos using our free tool?

Our website supports unlimited downloads of Pinterest videos for FREE! If you follow these few simple steps, you can enjoy your favorite Pinterest videos without any difficulty with the help of this tool:

  1. Firstly, open our Pinterest video downloader to any browser you like using.
  2. Then, open that specific page that contains the video you want to download, copy the video download link (URL address)
  3. Paste the URL (the video link that you copied) in the textbox given above.
  4. Choose the format, size, and quality (SD or HD) of the output video and hit the ‘download’ given on the right side.
  5. Our fast downloader will extract high-quality Mp4 video links of the chosen video without wasting any seconds. Your videos are automatically saved to your device.

Pinterest, the best entertaining site

On Pinterest, there is a huge variety of creative images and video clips that cater to the taste of every individual. They can easily keep on entertaining you for hours. In just over a decade time, the app has gained so much popularity amongst web users.

Pinterest has had more than 400 million monthly active users approximately, as of August 2020. But, unfortunately, if you want to download and save a video from Pinterest that you like so much, the site will not let you. Downloading Pinterest videos directly is against the Terms and Conditions of the platform. Just like other main social media websites, Pinterest also does not permit users to download the content available on it. Even if you find any good downloading apps, the task becomes really difficult as most of them ask for registrations fees. So, what can we do to resolve that problem?

In your opinion, what’s the most efficient way of downloading your favorite videos into your device? Do you enjoy using the online free tool for this purpose or do you already have tons of downloaders and apps installed on your phone or PC? Or do you use both depending on the size of your video? Well, throw all of these away because now you have made it to the right Pinterest download tool!

Why Pinterest video downloader by Heatfeed is preferable?

Keeping all these problems in mind, we have designed this fast and FREE Pinterest video downloader Pinterest. That’ll download unlimited videos without any inconvenience directly onto your PC or smartphone. You can then view them later, anytime or anywhere you like. After you have downloaded the videos with the help of this smart tool, you won’t even need to have an internet connection for viewing them.

This tool carries out the most advanced features you will find on the internet. It gives all the users an experience of using a next-level tool. Due to its lightning-fast speed and unbelievable features, anyone will be satisfied with its service. Our website offers the feature of sharing downloaded videos with other users as well. You can now share the downloaded videos with your friends and family with just one click. 

By you can easily download videos from different apps like Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, and many others. So, what’s the hold? Enjoy the use of our free website without any sort of interruption!

Benefits of using the Pinterest video download tool:

Here are some of the main benefits of using this Pinterest downloader:

1.   Free service:

Most of the tools that you’ll see on the web will ask you to make accounts and pay subscriptions charges before you can use their service. On the other hand, our smart Pinterest downloader is a free site, which offers you to convert Pinterest videos into both Mp3 and Mp4 formats in HD.

2.   Different qualities and formats available:

You can get a variety of different formats and qualities within the site. You can easily change the size, quality, and format of the downloaded video according to your liking. It provides you with many options to settle on from.

3.   Fast and efficient:

This tool is one of the fastest and most efficient tools you’ll find on the internet. With just one click, you can download unlimited free video clips. This download video Pinterest website is safer and quicker, as compared to its competitors.

4.   Compatible with many devices:

Do you ever face the problem of having to switch to another application or tool when you change your device? If yes, then we have solved this problem forever. Now, you can use the same downloader for every device you own, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, PC, and so forth.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Is Pinterest video download safe to use?

Yes, you can rely on this Pinterest download video to safely download your favorite Pinterest videos and save them to your device without any inconvenience. This is probably the main reason why our customers keep on coming back to our tool because they know it is 100% secure. By following our guide given above, you’ll be surely satisfied with the functionality of this online downloader.

Q2. Where will my downloaded videos get saved on my device?

When you use this Pinterest video download website to download your desired videos, they are likely to get saved in whatever folder you have set as your ‘default’. Talking about smartphones, the video will get saved in the ‘downloads folder’ or the phone’s gallery. But when you’ll be using your computer or laptop to download the Pinterest videos, they’ll get saved in the ‘Downloads’ folder.

Q3. Can I download Pinterest videos in more than one format?

Yes, you can easily download any Pinterest videos in more than one format. When using our tool, you can convert the videos into a variety of different formats, including MP4, M4A, 3GP, WEBM, MP3, and JPG. Once you put in the link of the Pinterest Video converter you want to download, you’ll be given different available options on each video in terms of the format. Just click on the one you want your file to be and enjoy!

Q4. Will Pinterest’s download video tool destroy the quality of the original video?

Some Pinterest download video tools that you’ll find on the internet might destroy the quality of the original video during the downloading process. However, our tool is developed in such a way that it provides high resolution for every file downloaded with it. Don’t worry about your video quality getting distorted while using our HD free online Pinterest video downloader.

Q5. Which is the best free Pinterest mp4 downloader?

This Pinterest downloader is one of the most reputed and widely-used tools on the internet, mainly because of its epic functionality and HD results. It is completely free to use for every device and operating system.