📖 Open Book Emoji

Closed Book Emoji

Emoji Meaning

Open Book  Emoji 📖 With the edges of the hardcover book showing on all sides as well as printed pages in the center, a book is said to be “open.” An open book, object certainly, but it also conveys the idea of being approachable, easy to understand, truthful, and having a broader way of looking at the world.


As part of Unicode 6.0, Open Book was approved in 2010, and it was incorporated into the Emoji 1.0 standard in 2015.

Other Names

📖 Openness

📖 Open Blue Book

📖 Book

📖 Novel

📖 Open Pages

📖 Education

📖 Reading

📖 Easy to Read


  • 📖 U+1F4D6


  • :open_book: (Github, Slack)
  • :book: (Github, Slack)

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