📠 Fax Machine Emoji

Fax Machine Emoji

Emoji Meaning:

Fax Machine Emoji📠 a low-angle fax description; with a creamy fixed phone set, rectangular input in the lower ends, and some paperwork on the top stand. The Fax object also called the ‘Fax’ shortly (Fax), represents information via the telephone. It means nostalgic technology, which can also be employed in parts of the world today.


As part of Unicode 6.0, Fax Machine was approved in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Other Names

📠 Fax

📠 Facsimile

📠 Telecopying

📠 Telefax

📠 Telefacsimile


  • 📠 U+1F4E0


  • :fax: (Github, Slack)
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