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How Does This Facebook Reels Downloader Works?

Reels or Short Videos is a new feature that Facebook has recently added to its platform. Both the app and the desktop website have access to Facebook Reels. It’s similar to YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels.

However, unlike the Facebook app, which has a dedicated Reels area, users on the desktop version of Facebook must search for Reels videos. However, there is a slew of third-party downloader websites that make downloading Facebook Reels a breeze.

The Facebook reels downloader website, which features a basic user interface, allows users to download videos in SD and HD resolution. Here’s how to acquire Facebook Reels using our website:


  • On your phone or computer, download the Facebook app.
  • Go to the Facebook Reel you want to save and save it. You can copy the video link to your smartphone by tapping the three-dot at the bottom and selecting the Copy link.
  • Simply copy and paste the link into the URL box on the website or any of the Facebook reels download app or website. From the menu, choose “Download.”
  • You’ll be prompted to download the Facebook Reel in SD or HD format after seeing the video on the website.
  • Select Download to save the movie to your smartphone or computer.

Although Facebook has quickly become one of the most popular video-streaming services in the world, there are ways to watch these films both online and offline.

The world’s most popular social media platform has quickly grown into one of the most popular videos streaming platforms. But what if you don’t want to view live videos? What if you want to watch them on your phone while driving or riding the train?

You’re probably aware of YouTube’s offline option if you’ve ever watched a video on the platform. Facebook, on the other hand, does not have such a feature. However, saving Facebook videos to an Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, or Linux device is possible.

We’ll go over some of the many web solutions that make it simple to download Facebook videos.

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What exactly are Facebook Reels and how do they work?

Facebook has introduced a new tool called Reels. Facebook Reels copy link download allows users to share and record up to 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, AR effects, Timer and Countdown, Align, Speed, and other creative options.

You can share your reels video with your followers on your feed, and if your account is public, you can share it with the broader community via a new section in explore.

How to Download Videos From Facebook to a Computer or Laptop?

The approach mentioned above can be used to download Facebook videos on PCs. There are, however, a variety of Facebook reel downloaders that can be used to download FB reel videos. However, we still recommend that you follow the steps below. 

  • Go to Facebook in a new browser tab and look for the video you want to download.
  • To access the Fb reel downloader website, open a new tab.
  • Copy the URL of the reel video you opened on Facebook from your computer’s address bar.
  • Copy and paste the link into the area provided on the page, then click on the download reels Facebook button.
  • You can also choose your preferred video quality.
  • To save the video, right-click it and choose a spot on your computer.

About Facebook Reel Download By Heatfeed

A tool that allows you to download Facebook reels videos in HD for free and quickly. With our Facebook reel download utility, you may save reels videos in MP4 high quality to your phone gallery without revealing your log-in information.

We also have a Facebook video downloader and Facebook story viewer and downloader that will help to download your desired Facebook video or story directly. These all facebook downloaders are available to everyone for free and you can download many reels videos as you want.

The best part of the Facebook Reels video downloader is that we don’t use the Facebook API, so you won’t have to worry about giving us your Facebook credentials.

You do not need to create a login or registration account to use our reels video download services. Before you use the download reels Facebook video service, you must have a link to the Facebook reel video download in gallery you wish to download.

In the Facebook reels downloader input box, paste the link. The FB reels downloader will synchronize the video and send you a URL to download the reels video.

The Best Feature of Facebook Reels Download video

  • It is both free and rapid to download reel Facebook.
  • There is no need to download a separate app to see the video download.
  • When logging in or joining up, you do not need to submit your account details.
  • Reel video can be downloaded and saved to your phone’s gallery at any time.
  • It is not necessary to register.

What is the most effective method for recording Facebook Reels Video download in gallery?

Using Facebook Reels, you may capture and edit short videos of up to 15 seconds using the Facebook camera. Follow these steps to record the video and add effects and music to your reels.

  • To access the reels section, open Facebook and hit the reels-icon.
  • Then, near the top, you’ll see a camera symbol that looks similar to this reels-download, which you should select.
  • The camera interface is now available, and you can select from a number of options such as speeding up, adding music, and so on (you can choose)
  • Effects that are specifically matched to your video’s requirements.
  • Now click the camera icon with the colored reels symbol to record the video. 

What’s the easiest way to find and watch Facebook reels?

There are two methods to access the reels section of the Facebook app.

1st method: Ensure that your app is up to date. Then start the app and seek the camera icon towards the bottom of the reels sign. To see more Reels video, click it and swipe down.

2nd Method: Go to Facebook’s search icon and scroll down to find some videos or images, including reels video. Scroll down for more reels after tapping on it.

copy the Facebook reel download link
  • Begin by visiting Facebook.
  • Choose which reels you’d like to keep or download.
  • At the bottom, click the three dots icon.
  • A window will appear; choose Copy Link from the options.
  • The link to your website has been copied.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What distinguishes us as the most effective Facebook Reels Downloader?

Our benefits include our free and quick service, as well as the fact that you do not need to create a login or sign-up account to FB reel download movies. We stand out from the competition because of our simple interface with step-by-step instructions and accompanying photos for all possible easy ways to provide unlimited video downloads. As a result, we have the best Facebook Reels video Downloader.

2. Is there a limit to the number of Reels videos I can save?

That’s the best part of us, too! The number of Facebook clips videos you can download is unlimited; you can download as many as you like. You can use our service for free at any time, and you can browse, scroll through, and download reelFacebook videos.

3. Is there a high-resolution version of the reels video?

Yes, you always get high-definition HD when you download a video; in fact, most reels videos are in HD, so you always get HD quality when you download reels FB videos. The video uploading quality, in which the makers posted the movie, also influences the quality of the downloaded reels video.

4. What’s the process for getting the reels app?

There is no special app for accessing the FB reels video download online on Facebook. There was no need for any additional software to be installed. If you’ve updated your Facebook app to the most recent version, you’ll find the reels inside.

5. Is downloading the Facebook Reels Video legal?

You can download reel FB the movie for status or personal use, but you must first seek permission from the original video owner if you want to use it for commercial or business purposes. Please contact the video’s original owner if you have any questions regarding whether or not a video can be downloaded.