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Dailymotion is a video-sharing website where users can upload, share, and watch videos of their choice. On the contrary to Youtube and other video streaming websites, Dailymotion marks its way with high-definition quality. Another prominent feature is its support for open format Ogg videos.

Dailymotion supports all major operating systems such as Windows 10, Android phones, iPhone and Playstation 4, and Xbox One consoles. Due to the availability of high-resolution quality videos, many users tend to prefer Dailymotion for watching videos, television series, and movies. Some want to download and watch videos offline; for that purpose, they need a reliable and efficient Dailymotion video downloader.

The Internet is flooding with many Dailymotion video downloaders, but some are not compatible with all the devices, and some lack basic functioning features. Many users get confused about which downloader to choose when they want to watch their favorite videos offline on a trip or spare time. To save you from the cumbersome process of finding the best Dailymotion video downloader, we have compiled this article to shed light on the best Dailymotion video downloader. 

Heatfeed.com/dailymotion-video-downloader is an amazing Dailymotion video downloader that is not the only pro at functioning; but also provides the best reliable user-friendly interface that attracts the users.


Dailymotion is regarded as the second largest video-sharing website after Youtube. If you are considering promoting your content or business via a video streaming website, it gets harder to choose between them. Here are some points that distinguish Dailymotion from Youtube. 


When it comes to the number of users visiting the website, Youtube takes the lead with almost 1 billion users watching different videos every day. Dailymotion has 300 million visitors in the entire month.


Youtube has no restriction when it comes to uploading limit, but Dailymotion allows users to upload 60 videos of 2 GB limit on average. The video quality on Dailymotion is also limited to 1280 p to 720 p.


3D videos provide a distinct perspective about watching a video or movie. Youtube supports 3D content but Dailymotion does not provide a 3D viewing experience to its users.


Heatfeed.com/dailymotion-video-downloader is a video downloader with efficient functioning and rapid downloading. It is free to use and equipped with a sleek interface; users use this downloader to save Dailymotion videos offline without any restriction. You just need to copy the video URL and paste it in the search box and it will lead to the downloading of the Dailymotion video.

Some users do not know about the downloading process. To serve the purpose; over here is a quick guide on how to download the Dailymotion video from heatfeed.com/dailymotion-video-downloader. 


You can access any video online by its URL ( Universal resource locator). Open Dailymotion on your web browser and play the video you want to download, after that copy the URL of that video. There are several methods of delivering the link to the Dailymotion-video-downloader, the most common is to copy it from your web browser or application you’re using to watch your favorite videos. 


Then paste the link onto the search box of heatfeed.com/dailymotion-video-downloader. You can also click on the address box and choose copy and then paste that link into the search box. In the cell phone, a link can be copied by tapping the browser’s address bar. Nowadays via the share button, you can copy the address and paste in the search box. That’s all it takes to copy and paste the URL of the Dailymotion video. 


Select the video quality and hit the download button

Now at the heatfeed.com/ Dailymotion-video-downloader; you are done pasting the URL address in the search box. Press the download option and there will appear multiple video quality options; select your desired quality, and downloading will be started. You can now save the video on your device. 


How to download videos from Dailymotion video downloader?

  1. Open Dailymotion and search for the desired video.
  2. Now, copy the URL address of the video and paste it in the search box of the Dailymotion video downloader.
  3. Press the download button, select the video format and quality, and downloading be initiated.
  4. Save the downloaded video on your device. 

Which video formats are available on the Dailymotion video downloader?

You can download videos in MP4, WebM, and FLV formats according to the site. Dailymotion video can be downloaded in MP4 format, and its video quality is available in HD resolution (720p) and (1080p). 

How much time does it take to download the Dailymotion video?

It entirely depends upon the length of the Dailymotion video you are downloading and on the internet connection as well. 

Is Heatfeed- Dailymotion video downloader free?

Yes, it is absolutely free of cost and does not include any hidden charges either.

What is a streaming video?

A streaming video is a video file on a distant server. That video is viewed by the user’s web browser, these videos are mostly behind the hidden servers or available in the video player. Moreover, a web browser downloads video files to the temporary memory of a user’s web browser when a user watches a video using a video player on any website.  

Which sites are supported by Heatfeed.com- Dailymotion downloader?

Apart from Dailymotion, you can also download videos from Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok.

If you don’t have any specific criteria, we recommend you save the videos in mp4 format. MP4 is one of the most popular formats, it is available everywhere and is not bound by any licensed codes. Mp4 format has an excellent compression system that shrinks the file size but does not reduce its quality. If you want to download any song, it should be preferred to download it in the mp3 format.