Chair Emoji🪑

Chair Emoji

Emoji Meaning: 

Chair Emoji 🪑 is simply a four-legged, short-backed wooden chair without arms. As the name suggests, the Chair object portrays a piece of furniture that is used for sitting, conversing, and interviewing people. A chairperson or spokesperson might also be used.


 As part of Unicode 12.0, the Chair was approved in 2019 and was included in Emoji 12.0 in 2019.

Other Names

🪑 Wooden Chair

🪑 Seat

🪑 Furniture

🪑 Rocking Chair

🪑 Director’s Chair

🪑 Office Chair

🪑 Visitor Chair


  • 🪑 U+1FA91


  • :chair: (Github, Slack)
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