📑 Bookmark Tabs Emoji

Bookmark Tabs Emoji

Emoji Meaning

Bookmark tab emoji is normally shown a one or more white paper with different colored tabs to indicate bookmark important sections or signature lines. This object might be used in the situations like organization tools, administrative busywork, and office supplies. 

NOTE: 📑 Bookmark Tabs is a well-qualified emoji of Unicode 6.0 which was presented in 2010.

Similar Emojis

There is a list of similar emojis to 📑 Bookmark Tabs which are 📘 Blue Book, 🔖 Bookmark, 📝 Memo, 📙 Orange Book, 📄 Page Facing Up, and 📃 Page with Curl.

Also Known As

📑 Bookmark Tabs

📑 Stickies

📑 Flags

📑 Flaps

Apple Name

📑 Bookmark Tabs


📑 U+1F4D1


: bookmark_tabs :

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