🔋 Battery Emoji

Battery Emoji

Emoji Meaning

Battery Emoji🔋a green barrel with a silver pole and a small ‘+’ symbol under it. The bottom pole has the symbol “-,” which is observed under a high-voltage mark at the center. The object battery is the ‘battery’ sign-on for modern telephones, laptops, power banks, etc. But this emoji means energy, durability, and rechargeability.


 As part of Unicode 6.0, Battery was approved in 2010, and Emoji 1.0 was added in 2015.

Battery Emoji

Other Names

🔋 Green Battery

🔋 Fully Charged Battery

🔋 Phone Battery

🔋 Energy

🔋 AA Battery

🔋 Battery Life

🔋 Green Cylinder

🔋 Battery Cell


  • 🔋 U+1F50B


  • :battery: (Github, Slack)
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