🪓 Axe Emoji

Axe Emoji

Emoji Meaning 

The object 🪓 Axe emoji represents the act of cutting or chopping down. It can also be interpreted in a figurative sense as a reduction, decrease, or shortage.

Note: Axe was approved as part of Unicode 12.0 in 2019 and was added to Emoji 12.0 in 2019.

Similar Emoji

sometimes relatable for the person who use axe named as X man, more 🪚 Carpentry Saw🗡️ Dagger🩸 Drop of Blood, 🇧🇿 Flag: Belize, 🔨 Hammer⚒️ Hammer and Pick⛏️ Pick, 🪛 Screwdriver

Also Known As

🪓 Ax

🪓 Axing

🪓 Hatchet

🪓 Cleaver

🪓 Chopper

🪓 Battleaxe/Battle Axe

🪓 Poleaxe


🪓 U+1FA93


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