🧮 Abacus Emoji

Abacus Emoji

Emoji Meaning

Abacus Emoji🧮 A square-framed wooden gadget with a wooden divider or thin board installed in the upper half. Four poles, each looped with a couple of movable red beads, make up this frame. It’s no surprise that the Abacus object is associated with calculations. Mathematicians and mathematicians of today could learn from this ancient method of counting and calculating. With this emoji, you’re conveying that you’re strong at math.


Emojipedia 12,031,981 and Apple’s 108. Abacus was included in Unicode 11.0 in 2018 and Emoji 11.0 in 2018.

Other Names :

🧮 Calculator

🧮 Counting Device

🧮 Wooden Frame With Beads

🧮 Counting Beads

🧮 Mathematics

🧮 Calculations


  • 🧮 U+1F9EE


  • : Abacus: (Github, Slack)
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