Instagram Reels Download By Link

by heatfeed

Instagram Reels is a brand-new feature that allows users to make 15-second video clips with background music. You can share them in your Stories, Explore Feed, and the new Reels tab on their profile. They have an extensive library of audio tracks, including everything from popular songs to clips from other users’ viral content, and many specialized editing tools. Reels can also have multiple video clips, filters, captions, interactive backgrounds, stickers, and more in addition to sounds. 

Instagram Reels Downloader

Users are not allowed to download Instagram reels directly from Instagram. It is where Instagram reel downloader have come to light. This Instagram Reels Video Downloader from Heatfeed is an ideal Insta downloader for Instagram Reels video downloading. It can quickly, safely, and with the best quality download videos from Instagram. This free Instagram reel downloader, which works with Android and iPhone devices, allows you to download Instagram reels whenever and wherever you want.

What made you choose this particular tool?

What is best? Use of this Instagram reels downloader does not require registration or the submission of personal data. It simply wants everyone to have access to this incredible service. Instagram reels download will not annoy you with advertisements or try to sell you anything. Selecting it will enable you to download Reels videos from Instagram quickly and in the best quality.

  1. Open Instagram & Copy Link

    Open your Instagram account on your device. Select the Instagram reel you want to download by finding it and clicking the (…) icon above the post. Next, copy the reel’s link.copy instagram reel link

  2. Go to Instagram Reels Download

    Open your device’s browser. Search for Heatfeed Instagram reels downloader, then open heatfeed instagram reel downloader

  3. Paste Link

    There is a search bar right here. Simply paste the URL for the reel that you previously copied here.Paste instagram link

  4. Click the “download” Button

    Once you have done that, click the download button, and your chosen reel will begin to download instagram reel

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Instagram Reels Download By Link?

It’s straightforward to Instagram Reels Download By Link. You only need to copy the reel’s link to download it. Go to the Instagram reels downloader heatfeed after that. Paste the link into the search bar and then press “download.”

Can I download Reels videos without logging in?

Undoubtedly, you can download reels videos without logging in. The only things needed to download Instagram reels are the URL of the reel and an internet connection.

Is this Insta Reels video downloader free to use?

Yes, using this tool is free. There are no registration or other fees required to use its services. Do not hesitate to use it.

Is it legal to download Instagram reels?

Yes, it is legal to save Instagram reel videos for personal use. But, you must obtain permission from the owner if you intend to use the downloaded material in any other way.


More than 50 different nations around the world offer Instagram reels. Reels can be taken directly from Instagram or outside of the app, then uploaded to Instagram. Instagram reels offer more editing options, allowing for a sleeker, more polished appearance than an Instagram story.

We have covered how to download Instagram reels by link in this guide. We hope this article has helped you download your preferred Instagram reel to your device.