Youtube Video Downloader

by Nouroze Khan
Youtube Downloader

You finally sit down to watch some YouTube videos after a long day, but it keeps buffering. How annoying can it get? This is where YouTube Downloaders come to the rescue. There are a plethora of these online video downloaders on the internet that you can choose from. Say goodbye to stuttering videos by downloading them using any Yt Video Downloader. You can have all these videos downloaded on your device with these applications. And you don’t have to worry about your network connection being weak either. Here is an updated list of the best video Downloaders out there right now. Enjoy hassle-free offline videos on YouTube; get your free YouTube Downloader now!

Youtube Downloader 

Since 2005, YouTube became a common platform for people seeking entertainment across the world. Gradually, it became a hub for knowledge seekers as well. You find content for all categories here, ranging from music to documentaries. However, you cannot enjoy these videos unless you have an internet connection. Not everywhere can you find a good network, but don’t let that disappoint you.

That is why the internet offers you numerous free YouTube Downloader. Using this software, downloading from YouTube has become quite easy. These downloaders enable you to save just the audio or the entire video on your device.  Saving these videos also makes it convenient for you to play them on a different device. This is why you should give this best YouTube Video Downloader a chance.  Enjoy your music even in the hilliest of places with your playlist made available offline. 

Youtube Shorts Downloader

Youtube is launched its new feature called youtube Shorts. They are basically similar to TikTok. It’s a short video platform. Users of Youtube shorts are increasing day by day and people are not finding a solution to download youtube shorts videos. You can use our tool to download youtube shorts.

How To Download Youtube Videos?

There are plenty of online video downloaders available on the web these days. Now downloading a YouTube video is no rocket science. Even for the least of the tech-savvies, this could be a cakewalk. There are plenty of user-friendly YouTube Video Downloader apps that can help you download feed youtube and any YouTube video that you want.  

  • You can copy-paste a link into the input field of youtube to mp3 downloader online to get the desired result. A downloader works better than a Downloader since the latter takes more storage. 
  • Some video downloaders do not have an input field, but a search option. Here you can search for the desired video, and it will display a list of results. You can choose from this list, or redefine your query.  
  • While some of the video downloaders only come with a Download option, others come with a convert option as well. 
  • There is advanced video editing software that enables one to trim or crop a video as per their desire. 
  • Speculations suggest the launch of more sophisticated features like video recording and slideshow makers.  

Time needed: 1 minute.

How To Download MP4 From YouTube?

  1. Copy the URL

    Copy the link to the video of your choice.

  2. Paste the URL

    Go to your preferred video downloader youtube and paste this URL in the input field.

  3. Download File in Mp4 format

    Most sites will have a Download or Start button to initiate the process. Click on this button. Before you know it, your YouTube download is saved on your phone in heatfeed mp4 format. 

How To Download Mp4 files by their Name or Keywords?

Our sites also provide a search button instead of pasting the link. In such cases, follow the steps given below:

Drop your search query in the given field

2. Download Videos:

The search results will contain the video you’re looking for, and you can choose this item from the list. 

If you are looking to convert your videos to mp3 format then you can try our youtube to mp3 converter.

How To Download YouTube Video On YouTube?

Step 1: You must have noticed how YouTube itself provides a download option below every video Click on this button. 
Step 2: You will find these videos under the head of YouTube Downloads in the app. 

However, it is limited to the app. You can only open the downloaded file on YouTube and not on any other folder. You cannot convert the video into any other format, either. Furthermore, the owner of the video has the discretion to disable the download option. This is why it is not available under most of the videos. That’s not all; YouTube has to keep downloading these videos over time, which causes inconvenience to the users. This is why most people prefer to download it from third-party sites.

Top 10 Youtube Downloaders

Here is the best video downloader available on the web right now. The most popular among all the YouTube Playlist Downloaders is, with all its advanced features. The 4K YouTube Downloader online is yet another brilliant app. This is followed by the 4K Video Downloader, the Free YouTube Video Downloader online for PC, the FLVTO, and the Y2Mate. The Clip Downloader and the YTMP3 are also mainly preferred by many users. Finally, you have the MP3Juice and the Keepvid, which provide equally good end products. 

Software And Online Downloaders:

Technology has come a long way, particularly in the past few years. With YouTube and other websites becoming part and parcel of mankind, means to make them accessible have become inevitable. This is why YouTube downloaders and other free video downloaders have gained such popularity in the recent past. It has gone to the extent of becoming the bread and butter for a good segment of the population. This is why it has become imperative for users to download software to keep them readily available on their devices. It is not just a matter of entertainment anymore; it has become a matter of profession.  Software and online downloaders have aided in the growth of this industry tremendously.    

The Top Youtube Downloaders


Uses: This is a convenient app that you can use to download your favorite videos. 

  • First, go to the browser where the video is available. 
  • Then copy the URL address of that video from the browser. 
  • When this is done, go to and paste the link address in the input field.  
  • Within two clicks of the mouse and your YouTube Download is ready. 
  • You can choose what format you want it in on this app and finally select the Convert button. 

Features: Youtube To Mp4 is generally used for an assortment of reasons, not just to download but to convert and edit videos as well.  You can convert YouTube to mp4 using this software. It supports Mkv, f4v, and WebM as well. This easy-to-use app also provides for a feature to convert YouTube videos into audio files in heatfeed mp3, ma4, and aac formats. It also provides for trimming or cropping your video or audio and is widely used by netizens. This is why it has been ranked as one of the best video editing software

Details: One of the best free video editing software on the web, it is considered the world’s biggest video sharing platform. This platform serves as an ideal destination for all the YouTube geeks who cannot live without these videos. It does not come with any malware or virus and is hence safe for use. This app has been recommended by most regular users for its convenience and versatility. The best part about this platform is that it comes free of cost, making it feasible for the entire world.

2. 4K YouTube Downloader (80-100)

Using this versatile YouTube Downloader online, you can now save videos in any format on your device. For a quick and ad-free download, this is the best option for beginners. Easy to use and supportive of 360-degree and 3D videos, it is uncomplicated to use. Another perk of this app is that it comes with no extra software. You can even download from YouTube your playlist as long as it has less than 25 videos. It operates on Mac, Linux, and Windows. Here’s another bonus of this application; it comes for free. 

3. 4K Video Downloader

Wondering where to download TickTock or Facebook videos from? You’ve come to the right place. Most applications only permit you to download from YouTube, but not this one. This efficient online video downloader comes with the provision to download any media from other video sites. It has zero complications, and users find it simple to navigate through. All you have to do in this app is to paste the preferred link from the browser on the site. You can even download your entire YouTube playlist or even favorite channels using this software.  

4. Free YouTube Downloader

This one is quite popular among regular YouTube users and lets you download videos without any snag. Everything you have to do is displayed on one screen, which makes it user-friendly. It also comes with an online guide for beginners. Although it does not support any other video hosting websites, the Free YouTube Downloader promises you a quick download with no compromise on the quality of the output. It doesn’t come with fancy features, but it is safe to use and free from any kind of malware. 


A free video downloader cannot get easier than this. Convert your favorite YouTube video into mp3 or download it as it is using this app. In the blink of an eye, you get your desired results saved on your device. This app also works on any operating device; macOS, Linux, Windows- you name it. Copy the link of the video you want to download to convert from the browser. Then paste it into the input field and select your desired format. You can also use the app on your mobile phone. 

6. Y2Mate

Searching for a site that allows you unlimited YouTube downloads for free? Welcome aboard! Similar to the other video downloaders, copy and paste the preferred link in the input field for the output. You don’t need to register on their site, nor do you have to pay anything for the end product. This high-speed app lets you download and convert videos in any of your desired formats. And it’s not limited to YouTube videos; this works on any videos from Dailymotion, Youku, or Facebook as well.  

7. Clip Downloader

This online video downloader is free of cost and might come in handy for binge-watchers. Apart from downloading and converting videos, this app lets you record audio as well. Not just YouTube downloads, but you can download from Vimeo, Facebook, and other sites as well. With the help of this downloader, you can watch all your favorite videos offline on your desktop or TV. It is quite straightforward and gives you fast and hassle-free results. If you’re here to convert a video, you have to download it after the conversion is done. 

8. YTMP3

This Free YouTube Downloader helps you convert and download YouTube videos in the format of your preference. It is a versatile site that works on mobile phones, computers, and tablets as well. Here’s the catch; you can only download videos for up to one hour with this app. But the end result is a high-quality video or audio, so its service is pretty fast and efficient. You don’t need any registration or software to run this site. Copy the link, paste it into the input field, and your final product is ready.      

9. MP3Jiuce

This is one of the best free video editing software available on the net right now. Youtube mp3 downloader converts your favorite YouTube videos to mp3 or mp4 formats and enjoys them offline. Here you don’t have to paste any URLs to get the download started. They have a search button where you can search for the video of your preference. If the list of results doesn’t display the video you’re looking for, try redefining your search item. You can try adding the name of the artist or the band to get the result you want.  

10. Keepvid

Yet another brilliant video editing software, you can convert, edit, or compress your video using this app. Their toolbox also offers you the provision to convert a video into an audio format as well. They also have plans to launch a variety of other editing features as well. These include a video recorder, GIF maker, Adding Text and Watermark, slideshow maker, and a video trimmer. You can also fix all the music information that you lost with this software through their music tag editor. 

These are some of the best YouTube Downloaders available on the internet right now. Have fun binge-watching! 


While using YouTube Downloaders, keep in mind that YouTube Terms of Services forbid downloading their videos using third-party software. These terms strictly mandate streaming their videos straight from its server. You should also bear in mind that downloading from YouTube videos owned by other artists has legal repercussions. Unless the video that you’re saving is your own content, it qualifies for copyright infringement.

This means that ideally, you should either be granted permission from the owner of the video or not download it at all. However, you would not be attracting copyright issues if you’re only downloading it for your own personal use. But it is advised that you don’t download these videos for public dissemination.