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Have you ever wondered why the Indian film industries are gaining widespread popularity all over the world? The reason behind such flourishing film industries is none but the general public. Indians love to download HD quality films and watch the latest movies on WorldFree4You, going to theatres with family and friends, and have deep adoration towards the artists of the industry. 

However, Indians alone can’t be called movie and entertainment fanatics as these movies are vehemently revered by people from other nations too, including the bordering South Asian countries. The cultural and linguistic similarities make it a major reason why Indian movies have such a massive appeal in South Asia. 

Gone are those days when India used to be known as an agrarian economy, and other industries were slow progressing. Indian film industries, along with others, contribute largely to our GDP.  The government earns huge revenue by levying both direct and indirect tax from the entertainment industry.

That being said, the increasing number of free websites giving away these movies like freebies to the internet users are adversely affecting the industry. These websites are regularly viewed by millions of users where they enjoy their favorite movies and shows without incurring any expense. Here we will be talking about one such site, worldfree4you, its features, legality, and give you a verdict as to whether this is a worthy site or not. 

Why Worldfree4you Is Popular Among The Youth? 

Worldfree4you, as the name suggests, everything that is obtainable here is free and unlimited.  This site is famous for its easy and unlimited access to all the popular shows and movies produced in the country. Different language movies ranging from Hindi to Tamil, are available here in this site. Not just Indian movies, popular Indian shows, and Hollywood movies are also easily discoverable here. This site is a hot favorite among the youth as it has all the free stuff at their disposal without spending a single penny from their pocket. However, most of them are unaware that these movies are pirated versions of the original movie, and they are accessing them without the owner’s authorization. 

What Does Worldfree4you Contain?

A wide range of genres can be found on this website ranging from comedy and action to documentary, history, and sports. These genres of movies can be searched on the website, and the high-quality HD movies will appear on your screen.

Is It Okay To Watch Copied Versions Of The Movies?

As discussed earlier, these movies and shows are pirated versions of the original movies. Now, if the same movie was to be watched in the theatre or be paid for it; one has to bear a lot of expenses for them. However, these free websites are giving the audiences the opportunity to evade that amount and watch it for free. 

Now, the question is, if more people are watching these free content, how would the movie industry progress? The movie industries are certainly not receiving their expected income due to increasing piracy. Which in turn slows down the growth of the industry. If this continues, a time shall arrive when India will be forced to put an end to produce movies any longer.  We won’t be in a position to have the same pride and boast about our movie industries any further. 

Ethical Activities

When the movie industry is blossoming at an accelerated rate, making so much revenue; certain ethical activities are being witnessed coming on their way as obstacles. It is an undisputed fact that piracy and copyright violations are unethical activities being indulged in by a major portion of the population. 

The government is striving to do its best to eradicate it by banning these sites; making anti-piracy and copyright protection laws and implementing them. The law clearly prohibits any piracy and related activities. And any usage of the movie without taking prior consent of the producer is violative of the existing legal provisions. In fact, many of these movies are leaked in the sites. Before they are released in the big theatres have a severe impact on the box office collections. 

These websites, like worldfree4you, can cause tremendous damage to your mobile or computer upon using it. Your computer will be vulnerable to being infected with viruses or having malware on your device. By accessing the sites unless you have an antivirus preinstalled. However, even an antivirus may not prevent any unknown damage caused by these sites. 


Watching free content from worldfree4you is neither legal nor ethical or safe. A better idea will be to opt for a paid website or app which has the same content. There are many such affordable sites where charges are made cost-friendly, keeping the younger crowd in mind. Hitting the theatre with your family and friends occasionally is not a bad thing to do. These free, illegal websites should not be the reason behind spending some movie time with your close ones at your nearest cinema. At the end of the day, nothing can replace the experience of watching a movie at a theatre.

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