World Teachers Day 2023 – History, Facts, and Importance

by Tashia J. Hansen
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When is Teachers’ day? How is Teachers’ Appreciation Day celebrated? When is international teachers day? Well! This article provides you with all about Teacher’s Day and teachers’ appreciation week.


World Teacher’s Day is an international day commemorated each year on 5 October, also known as International Teachers Day. Established in 1994, it recalls the signing, on a standard instrument that addresses the position and conditions of professors worldwide, of the 1966 UNESCO recommendation on the status of instructors.

This guideline sets out requirements for education policy, recruiting, initial training, and teacher continuing education, employment, and working conditions. The goal of World Teachers Day was to “appreciation, evaluation, and improvement of educators across the world.”


To mark World Teacher Day, UNESCO organizes every year a campaign to assist the world in understanding better teachers and their role in student development and society. To attain this objective, they are partnering with the commercial sector, for example, media organizations.

For each year, the campaign focuses on various subjects. For example, the theme for 2017 is “Empowering Teachers.”

This was the year that the UNESCO Recommendations on the Status of Higher Education Teaching Staff, marking the 20th anniversary, brought the frequently disregarded field of the teaching staff at institutions in higher education into the discussion on the status of the teachers.

The UNESCO theme for 2018 was: ‘Education rights include teaching a skilled professor’s right. It commemorates the 70th anniversary and recalls that the right to education is not possible without qualified and trained teachers.

UNESCO declares that everyone can help by creating awareness of teacher problems, celebrating the profession, and ensuring that respect for teachers is a natural part of the order.

For example, schools and students are preparing an opportunity for this Day’s teachers. World Teachers’ Day is celebrated in over 100 countries, and each has its festivities.

When is World Teacher’s Day 2023?

Different events take place on or around October 5 in many countries throughout the world. These are events to recognize teachers in general or individuals who have contributed in a distinctive way to a particular community.

The Day can also be celebrated by conferences highlighting the value of teachers and learning, additional training sessions for professors, the recruitment of students and other professionals, and events aiming to enhance the profile of teachers in the media and their role.

Some also recognize it as International Teachers’ Day. EVERY YEAR, UNESCO campaigns for a greater understanding of teachers and their impact on student development throughout society to mark this Day.

History of world teachers day?

According to the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), education, culture, and communication are the means for promoting peace.

In 1994, to focus on the efforts and accomplishments of teachers, UNESCO opened World Teachers’ Day and emphasized educators’ issues and priorities.

The Day for World-renowned Teachers was chosen on October 5 because, in 1966, a UNESCO suggestion addressing the status of teachers was approved by a special intergovernmental meeting.

This advice gave teachers worldwide a tool to identify their responsibilities and uphold their rights for the first time. Governments recognized by unanimity the necessity of having competent, qualified, and motivated teachers for society by accepting this recommendation.

In the previous eleven years, the positive response to World Teachers Day shows considerable knowledge, understanding, and respect for teachers’ important commitment to education.

The Importance of Teacher’s Day?

The anniversary of the approval of the ILO/Unesco 1966 recommendation respecting teachers’ status is marked by World Teachers’ Day, which is celebrated each year on 5 October.

The Recommendation specifies benchmarks for teachers’ rights and obligations and criteria for their initial education, recruiting, employment, and circumstances for education and learning.

The International Labor Organization and Education International are partnering on World Teachers’ Day. In partnership with Unicef.

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Here is everything you need to know about World Teacher Day

Global Teacher Day 2020 takes on importance in the pandemic of coronavirus. “Teaching staff have demonstrated, as they have often done, outstanding leadership and ingenuity to ensure #LearningNeverStops that there is no learner left behind,” Unesco, ILO, Unicef, and Education International declare in a joint statement.

They have been working to create new learning environments for their pupils throughout the world individually and collectively to enable further education. It is equally necessary to advise on reopening school plans and supporting kids with their return to school.”

According to Unesco, world teachers Day is an occasion to mark progress and reflect upon ways to tackle remaining challenges in the promotion of the teaching profession with the adoption of Sustainable Development Goal 4 on education and a dedicated goal (SDG 4. c) to identify teachers as the key to achieving the education plan in 2030.

“Teachers re-imagining and leading in crises the future” is the theme for World Teachers’ Day 2020. With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting schooling, instructors around the world found themselves facing obstacles.

The method of education was reviewed. It created a need. Teachers had an important task to provide distance education and make it accessible.

How to celebrate Teachers’ Day during Covid?

Teachers’ Day will be observed throughout the country on 5 September. The anniversary of the birth of philosopher and academic Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is highly emotional in schools and educational institutions.

The lockdown to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused all schools to close since March. Since then, teachers and students have been moving online. If the epidemic is causing all the other celebrations online, why not Teachers’ Day?

We have given a few ideas on the online or virtually unsung heroes of COVID regarding celebrating Teacher Day.

1. Celebrate your Day

It’s one of the easiest ways to thank your professor. Viralize your social media teacher photo and how they have helped you achieve your excellence in academia.

 2. Handcrafted gifts

A present could be a good thing. Try to create something built by hand utilizing online resources and put it in the doorway of your teacher.

teachers day handmade gifts

3. Send a donation

You also have a personalized coffee machine, personalized pillow, novel or book, and succulent work to do if you have difficulty handcrafting.

4. Card for E-Greeting

You can send your teacher a personal greeting card. Especially during online classes, try to highlight their hard effort.

5. Enjoy your Professor

It is always the finest to show thanks with a piece of paper. Let your students write a few words about your favorite instructor who inspired or contributed much to your outstanding academic achievement. Please give it to your professor in a pot, and collect it.

6. With a photo collage, say thank you

Students can join forces with other students to produce a photo collage message. This is not only a smart concept but also an easy one. Try creating a short note and send it to your photo collage teacher.

7. Show your knowledge

international teachers day

In recognition of the epidemic efforts, you can paint your instructor a portrait. Students can also consider describing instructors’ relevance in the form of poetry. Try to make your favorite teacher a video clip with an outstanding speech for Teacher Day.

Teachers’ Day around the world in tabular form.

AfghanistanOctober 5
AlbaniaMarch 7
AlgeriaFebruary 23
ArgentinaSeptember 11
ArmeniaOctober 5
AzerbaijanOctober 5
BahrainOctober 5
BelarusMay 2
BelgiumJune 6
BangladeshOctober 15
CanadaOctober 5
ChinaSeptember 10
Cuba December 22
EgyptFebruary 28
GermanyOctober 5
IndiaAshadha moon night
Nigeria October 5
PakistanOctober 5
Saudi ArabiaOctober 5

How to observe world teacher day? 

how to celebrate teachers day?

International Teachers’ Day is almost around the corner (sometimes referred to as World Teachers’ Day). On the 5th of October, families worldwide will gather to express their gratitude for the instructors who changed their lives.

Unesco has stated that “Professors: Crisis Leading, Future Reimagination,” the subject for International Teachers’ Day 2020.

How to appreciate your teachers?

Teachers went far and beyond this year to make a school for their kids a safe and instructive place. These 40 socially pleasant proposals for honoring International Teachers Appreciation Day provide an excellent method to help educators learn and grow up in their youth.

  • To quickly remember how much you care, send a thematic teacher appreciation card.
  • Share five reasons for your gratitude to your teacher and your child.
  • Make this adorable plant craft and share it to illustrate how much the teacher “grows” your child.
  • Enter into a parade for your teacher from a distance to celebrate with other families.
  • Hold your teacher’s virtual meeting to say thank you for everything that they did.
  • Put together your teacher’s package of goodies to love.
  • Collect and send your child a talent or a song to your teacher.
  • Coordinate your teacher’s efforts with families to share on social media. Make sure, if feasible, that you mark them or their school in them!
  • Write an email with what your child’s teacher appreciated this year.
  • As a reminder of your child’s gratitude, make the teacher’s appreciation scrapbook.
  • Put together a bookmark that your teacher with this free print will appreciate.
  • As a creative and enjoyable way to thank your teacher for brighter days, make a pop-up card with your children.
  • Share some goodness caffeinated in this print-out tag (if your teacher likes it), showing how much you are like the teacher of your child.
  • Give any teacher, if you can, some supplies for a practical gift.
  • Put this DIY apple jar, which your teacher might hold in school supplies, together for a fall-themed don.
  • Organize a virtual surprise party via video chat to share the concern for students and families
  • For them to enjoy from far away during teaching, send a snack to your educator.

Some Special Gifts

  • Create a fundraiser to help your teacher raise money for school supplies or books.
  • Teacher’s day drawing ideas – Help your child draw and then scan and send it to their teacher, expressing their recognition.
  • Creates a memory book sharing the fun your class has had to date with other parents.
  • Help your child fulfill this questionnaire. Thank you and send it to your teacher.
  • For teachers and families alike, self-care is so important this year. Send in a present that helps you, like a candle or a spa gift, your teacher takes care of you.
  • Decorate your professor’s door if your school organizes in-person classes and you have permission from your school managers.
  • Plant your teacher’s hard work through the Remember Trees in honor of a celebration tree.
  • To add personalization to any gift you send to this teacher, appreciation printable.
  • Make your child’s technique for a practical gift a fabric face mask.
  • Put this cute card together to thank your child’s teacher for being ‘bee-ing.’
  • Pare a colorful, sweet, and unique present with this printable teacher’s appreciation poem.
  • Use these short Messages of appreciation for teachers to share your gratitude if you need inspiration for what to say in a thank you card.
  • Print out these coloring teacher-related pages for a relaxed present with pencils or colored pencils.
  • Set a list of quotations to remind your professor of how greatly they are changing.
  • Give your teacher an image or chapter book to the library.
  • Thank you too, school administrators, replacement teachers, and staff—all teachers should be celebrated on National Teachers Day 2023! 
  • Give this printable tag to your teacher as a hand sanitizer to remind them of their “hand” in shaping your students’ future.
  • Take this flower card, where each child shares his gratitude on a petal with other families.
  • Print a cloud poster that doubles as a gift of thanks and beautiful decoration in the classroom.
  • Tell your teacher a funny meme on International Teachers’ Day to laugh at.
  • Send it in an envelope of origami to add personalization to a teacher appreciation letter.
  • Provide a Free Dinner Coupon from your favorite food place for your teacher to take part in a relaxing night.
  • If you have your school administrator’s permission to do so this year, thank the teachers for the hard work on the school sidewalk with chalk art.

Teachers day activities

Teachers play a key role in student growth. The Teacher’s Festival is intended to recognize the teacher’s unique contribution to their lives.

The ceremony is held in various ways in various venues. Some of these regular activities are dancing, drama, teacher imitation, play, competitions, thanksgiving, etc.

Students sometimes assume the role of teachers and teachers, which adds joy to the celebrations. The Day offers kids the chance to show their teachers respect and love. Teachers and students alike are delighted to appreciate the opportunity.

Teacher Day Activity Ideas

1. Songs

Singing or listening to songs is one of the best kinds of entertainment. On Teacher’s Day, you can hold singing competitions and provide attractive awards to the victors. Another option is to give your teachers a group song as well.

2. Dance

Dance contests are common in many schools and colleges on Teacher’s Day. You can also organize (classical or non-classical) dance recitals in your school. The talented pupils at your college/school are happy to take the chance to demonstrate their talent.

3. Drama

If you intend to organize a party for your teacher, dramatic events can become part of your festivities on a special occasion. Such an event would offer students an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their performance skills while participating in a drama.

4. Mimicry Of Teachers

Many pupils imitate teachers, whether they’re harmless fun or merely like them. When they imitate teachers, they try to communicate with their teachers, their facial expressions, etc. Imitating teachers can also form a fun element of your festivities, and teachers appreciate witnessing their “replications” on stage.

5. Games

Games can be organized on Teacher’s Day, both indoors and outdoors. You can run cricket and soccer, carom, or even scrabble contests with participating pupils and teachers. Ensure that winners’ awards are maintained.

6. Chatting

Students and teachers sit on the same platform and enjoy informal talk during extremely rare moments. Teacher’s Day provides an opportunity for free-flowing dialogues among students and teachers, whether on the good and bad features of one another or academic thinking.

7. Thanksgiving

Teacher Day is an opportunity for children to thank their teachers. You can occasionally express your gratitude to your teachers with lectures, quotes, parties, etc.

8. Honouring your teachers:

The professors are rewarded by some universities and schools for their excellent efforts to improve students. To thank your professors with titles that best fit their job at the institution, you may also hold an award celebration.

Traditions of the Day

And while this Day is celebrated exclusively throughout the world by children that decorate their courses, organize special events, and present their teachers with thoughtful gifts, the ways, and means of celebrating that Day in other countries are different, because they come from various cultures and histories.

We highlight seven global teachers’ day traditions for you in this exclusive feature on What’s Up Life, which we bet you didn’t know about.


Teacher’s Day can also be a day for students to learn more about teaching as a trade, so that teachers don’t teach on this Day in Lithuania, Europe. Senior students are instead teaching the rest of the college, and teachers participate in a student concert.


Teacher Day in The United States on the first full week of May is an unofficial holiday. Different national events and exhibitions for all teachers in the country are organized for celebrations to enhance the bonds between teachers and pupils.

Teacher’s Day celebrations might continue during the US teachers appreciation week throughout May.


Teacher Day celebrations in Vietnam are larger than the combined majority of other countries. Students begin to prepare for Teacher’s Day a week before November 20. Students organize surprise leisure trips with their professors to thank them for a common approach to celebrating this important day in this country. How funny is it to connect with your instructors?


The celebration of Teachers’ Day in Brunei marks the birth of Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien III, the twenty-eighth ruler of Brunei, who emphasized the importance of learning for his subjects by introducing a ‘free’ education policy that charges citizens with very high nominal rates for attending school. This strategy is ongoing, and students can take their favorite subjects at minimal costs in the country.


Canada is celebrating Teacher’s Day On October 5. On this Day, the Canadian Teachers’ Federation and its member organizations throughout the country celebrate the teaching profession’s achievements with a public awareness campaign.

Czech Republic

Teacher Day is being held in the Czech Republic on 28 March to honor the birthday of the most famous teacher, writer, educator, and philosopher of the Czech Republic, John Amos Comenius.

As part of these days, Czech students submit their favorite instructors for an annual Golden Amos competition where they score teachers on many factors and crown the finest in the country.

Saint Lucia

St. Lucia is a country where Teacher’s Day is held for a whole week rather than on a certain day. Instead, Saint Lucia organizes a Teachers Appreciation Week 2021 every year from 4 October to 11 October.

A new subject is announced as part of the week-long festivities. Events such as conferences, boat excursions, and municipal fairs to recognize great educators’ work are held.

Teachers’ Day quotes and messages

You were always an amazing instructor who knew how to spark a soul. My favorite teacher Happy Teacher’s Day!

You are an incredible teacher, and you only deserve the best for your joy and happiness.

You can never repay the efforts and hard work that you put into bringing the best out of us in words. Only a teacher like you can be grateful for us!

Teacher, you constantly challenged me to work hard and achieve good qualifications. I will always remember you. I will always remember you. Happy Teacher Day! Happy Teacher Day!

Even if my degrees are not always the best, I’m confident you will make me incredibly blessed if you are my teacher. I know you’re never going to give up on me now; thank you for helping me to be everything I can be.

I can see that my future is bright, especially because you have taught me to shine my light. Happy Teacher Day! Happy Teacher Day!

You are the spark, inspiration, and guide in my life. Teachers are the candle. You are my teacher, and I am genuinely grateful.

I’ve been fortunate to have a teacher as great as you are. I want you a day full of happy moments, Teachers’ Day!

Gifts and cards ideas

Following are the gift and card ideas for your teacher

teachers day card ideas
teachers day celebration
teachers day activities
world teachers day
Who invented this Day?

The Man Who Started This Day, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

What’s a teacher’s perfect definition?

A teacher is a person who offers learners and students education. The teacher’s position is frequently formal and permanent, played at a school or other formal education. … Teachers can utilize a course plan to make learning easier for students and provide a course termed a program of study.

Is there a day for teachers in the United States?

The first Tuesday of the first whole week of May is marked with National Teacher Day (May 3), and we are more than willing to offer our thanks to everyone who has taught us. Everyone had their favorite teacher who inspired them. This Day was designed to honor them by a teacher.

In a word, what’s the teacher?

A person, especially at a school, who teaches or educates. Educator. Instructor. Schoolteacher. Educationist.

How do you describe your professor?

A terrific professor is friendly, attentive, and eager. This is the instructor to whom pupils know that they may share a hilarious tale or have any complaints or worries.

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