The woman’s ex-boyfriend didn’t introduce her to his parents because of her weight, so she lost 200 pounds as a form of revenge.

by heatfeed

It’s crucial to take care of yourself and your body. A change is probably in order if your mental health and self-love are suffering. The single mother from the United States, Samantha Rawley, did precisely that. She lost 200 pounds to exact revenge on her ex-boyfriend for keeping her weight a secret from his parents. There were other factors at play, as well: She recalled a string of unsuccessful relationships that drove her to discover who she truly was, realizing that first and foremost she had to love and respect herself.

About 363 pounds used to be Samantha’s weight. She chose to have surgery after trying and failing to lose weight the traditional way. Despite spending over $20,000 on gastric sleeve surgery and other expenses, she has shed more than 200 pounds and looks amazing. It took a lot of work to get to where she is now, she says in her social media posts. In the U.S., Samantha is a single mother who has two children. She used to weigh about 363 pounds before she had children.

As a result of our chat with Samantha, we now know more about her. One of my daughters, 11, lives with me. As a full-time realtor, I also host an Instagram program called VSGTea with my best friend Bre. In my youth, I always wanted to inspire others and uncover my ‘why,’ but it wasn’t until I found this network of people in the weight loss community that I truly found my ‘why.’” As a weight loss surgeon and plastic surgeon, I enjoy talking to people about their weight-reduction and plastic surgery journeys. His parents were embarrassed to meet her, and she was ghosted by him for another girl.

Samantha wanted to start living for herself and lose weight in order to feel better about herself and to feel more confident about herself.

“I was inspired because I finally chose to stop living for other people and start living for myself,” Samantha said. A fresh start was needed since I felt like I had hit a wall in my life and desired a new beginning.”

She elaborates on the operations she underwent: Twenty thousand dollars have been spent on surgeries. But in addition to that, I’ve had an abdominoplasty as well as an arm lift, thigh lift, and a breast lift with augmentation surgery. Honestly, my thigh lift was the most uncomfortable. Some were more difficult than others, though. My dream physique is so much more valuable than all of that!

Samantha began to feel a difference in her body and began to detect changes in her appearance. She was finally able to lose the weight she’d been trying to shed for years.

« Since the age of 12, I have been ‘dieting.’ As far as weight loss drugs and Weight Watchers are concerned, I’ve tried pretty much everything! If I lost a little weight, I would gain it all back and then some more.” Samantha decided enough was enough and underwent gastric sleeve surgery in September 2018, which drastically transformed her life. She informed us how her family reacted to her weight reduction and her choice to get weight loss surgery. “I’m so fortunate to be surrounded by so many individuals who are supportive.” In addition, Samantha stated that she was in good health, even when she was larger in size.

In no time, she had lost 200 pounds and was ecstatic about the way she looked and felt.

“I would say the thinking behind it is the toughest part,” Samantha said. Sometimes I still feel like I weigh 363 pounds, and I’m not proud of myself for feeling that way about my weight. It’s not every day that I’m bursting with self-confidence and eager to tell the world what I’ve accomplished. In truth, it’s a wild ride with your thinking.

Currently, Samantha weighs about 160 pounds and is in great shape.

In the wake of her weight loss surgery, Samantha is considerably happier: The fact that I’ve done this has been demonstrated to me,” he said. The truth is that at first, I wasn’t sure if I was capable of doing something of this magnitude. Never in a million years did I imagine that it would be me. My new outlook on life has given me some fantastic friends, which makes me very pleased.”