Wallapop Review – A Complete Analysis

by heatfeed

The internet and the virtual world have become the backbone of commerce and economics throughout the world. It has introduced several online e-commerce platforms to us. There are market places that we can use to buy things or sell stuff according to our requirements. A wide range of categories is available, and we can buy virtually anything if we search deliberately.

Among these services, there are platforms that allow you to buy and sell stuff that you or other people own, the second-hand stuff. One such prominent website is Wallapop, a Spanish website that has established a strong dominion. 

What Is Wallapop

Wallapop is a prevalent app for buying and selling stuff. It sells new and second-hand items, both. There is a large range of categories covered, such as automobiles, real estate, accessories, items, technology, appliances, and so on. You can even buy or sell your services as a method of earning money on Wallapop Valencia. With great deals, it has also become one of the dominating advertisement platforms in Spain. 

The site started as an idea of an online ‘flea market.’ It had the name of ‘Fleapster,’ which wasn’t a great success. The name Wallapop Valencia is about the ideas or ‘advertisements’ popping, and walla being an expression similar to ‘viola!’ With a perfect television advertisement campaign, it grew to be Spain’s largest e-commerce website. Having won the best European Startup Trophy, This site has expanded to other grandiose countries such as the UK, Mexico, the USA, and Brazil.

Local classified ads. That is one of the USP of Wallapop Zaragoza. The website or app shows you the most relevant advertisements for the local services. These are all according to the user’s preference and requirement. It is designed for local trades and certainly stands out compared to other e-commerce platforms. 

Versions & App

Wallapop Barcelona is available in three primary languages, English, Spanish, and French. Therefore, it is also available in the primary countries of these languages (France, UK, USA, Brazil, Spain, and so on). Each language version of the website is similar and does not distinguish from each other, except for the language changes.

There is an official app available for people to download.  This app is compatible with all operating systems and devices. Therefore, you have ease of access to Wallapop Zaragoza anywhere you like. The website is also compatible with major web browsers and offers a seamless experience to the users. 

Features Of Wallapop Barcelona Review

There are certain features that make Wallapop Madrid stand out and also make it the award-winning platform that you know it for. These are the following that you should certainly pay attention to:

1. Search Tool:

Fairly easy to use and identical to the search tool of other prestigious e-commerce websites. You can simply use keywords or categories to find what you’re looking for. It has filters, sort by options, and you can set the cost, min to low price, and other essential bars. Overall, it is designed to make searches convenient for the users in Wallapop online. 

2. Location-Based:

Wallapop buys and sells works locally and uses the geological location of the users. Therefore, it will only show you the most relevant options according to your locations. The app also works in different countries. It is strongly suggested that you only buy from the local sellers and do not order from a different region or country.

3. Communication Options:

You can contact the potential sellers and have a conversation with them. There is a chap option which you can use to communicate. Additionally, you can certainly share contact information. However, the website has offered this highly secure chat system to eliminate the need for sharing contact details any more than required. 

4. Block / Delete / Report:

An added safety feature where you can delete the chat and conversations. Additionally, you can block or report the user if they are proving to be a nuisance to you. If you choose to report, make sure to choose the adequate reason. Overall, this helps Wallapop Madrid online to regulate the quality of their services.

5. Rating System:

This is perhaps the most striking feature of all. There is a rating system identical to popular apps like Uber. Here, a buyer and seller can rate each other. They are unaware of the rating they provided each other. However, it helps Wallapop Barcelona in quality maintenance. It shows you who the trustworthy sellers or buyers are. Therefore, it will be easier and safer for you to decide where to use Wallapop buy and sell. This certainly enhances the safety feature of the Wallapop app.

Overall, there are some other features as well. However, these are some that stand out and should be known. The website certainly uses cookies to personalize the user experience and offer them relevant advertisements. However, users are free to make arrangements and change the cookie settings. 

Security & Legalities Of Wallapop Valencia

Wallapop Espana diligently works to provide you the most secure platform for buying and selling. They have introduced a payment, delivery, and shipping service to further reinforce their security. For authentication and to prevent scams, you can opt for these services. It follows all the standard protocols and complies with the safety standards of the laws of the countries, respectively. They have integrated a list of what users can not sell and a time-limit mechanism to ensure that users can place complete trust on the platform. 

Payment Service

Many E-commerce websites that allow trading between two people ends up with several crimes regarding money. Frauds receive payments and do not deliver goods. Some even counterfeit the items and leave the buyers with fake replications. All of this can result in a financial loss for people.

The payment service authenticated by Wallapop Espana is to reduce the financial scams. It is to minimize any fraudulent efforts and endeavors. Therefore, it is highly secure. All you need is a Spanish bank account to operate with their payment services. In case of a wrong dealing or fraud very, you will receive the repayment after Wallapop Barcelona confirms the complaint. 

Wallapop Madrid Delivery & Shipping Service

Similar to monetary scams, there are chances that you will not receive your goods. Alternatively, you may be charged more than required, or additionally for shipping purposes. To reduce the potential of any scam in delivery or shipping, Wallapop selling has launched it’s delivery and shipping services. With these, you can be assured of receiving what you ordered.

Similar to payment methods, it is authenticated. Any goods are tested according to the description and what you were offered. Only after the examination, the goods will be shipped or transported. This reduces the chances of any scams drastically. Shipping also allows people to get stuff from across different regions. However, This site strongly suggests users to only buy things that are within their reach. 

The charges are:

  • 2.95 euros for anything weighing up to 2 Kgs
  • 3.95 euros for anything above 2 kgs to 5 kgs max
  • 5.95 euros for above 5kgs and up to 10 kgs
  • Anything up to 20 kgs is 8.95 euros

There is also an administration charge of 1.95 euros for the purchase of up to 25 euros. Anything above that ranges from 5-10%, according to the value of the item. 

Time Limits

The time limits are imposed to further enhance the security on both the sides, for buyers and sellers. If you are selling something, then you have to get it delivered to the services of Wallapop within five days. Failure to do so will result in the termination of the deal. Similarly, any payment made should reflect within five days; otherwise, you can lodge a complaint to get the payment or retrieval of the item. 

What You Can Not Sell

You can not sell food, medicine, animals, or weapons on Wallapop Xname. Similarly, anything that is against the law of the government of the region is also not allowed to be sold. Apart from these, there is a long list of items that you can not sell on Wallapop Malaga:

  • Alcohol, drugs, supplementation, and controlled substances, including dietary products
  • Products with their seals broken are prohibited. It is especially for self-care products such as skin, body, and cosmetics.
  • Counterfeited documents, original stamps, or authenticating items that are property of government can not be sold.
  • Food and beverages are not allowed. 
  • You can not sell lottery tickets or anything related to gambling
  • Medical equipment, machines, and devices are not allowed either.
  • Stolen goods are not allowed.
  • Military or items from other similar services and forces are not allowed. Unless they are de-militarized
  • Anything with wrong or misleading description or photograph
  • Wrong information such as location, quantity, and condition of the item.
  • Anything that works against human rights and freedom in any way. 
  • Adult content and sexual services are not allowed. 
  • Anything related to the human body, parts, and information such as burial artifacts and autopsies are not allowed.
  • Piracy is not allowed. 
  • Anything fraud, incriminating, impersonating is not allowed
  • You are not allowed to sell property rights.

Return Policy

The return policy does not support any item that is banned or prohibited according to the rules of using the website. Third-party pictures are not allowed, and items may differ from images, so users have to ensure its authenticity. Counterfeited items do not have a return policy, either. 

Similarly, any item that can not have quality control such as make-up kits (Cosmetics), grooming items, and such also do not have a return policy eligibility. 

Used items or those claiming to be in mint or perfect conditions or any item that is sold in parts, is also excluded. Additionally, a working item with missing part(s) is also void of this policy. Therefore, it becomes paramount for you to check the product before making a purchase. 

How To Conduct Wallapop Buy & Sell Nearby

It is very easy to carry out the selling process. To sell a product you need:

  • A clear picture. Make sure that is is not from third party sources. An actual picture of the product or item that you are putting on sale is better. 
  • A clear description that explains what you’re selling. If there is any problem or drawback, let it be known. Transparency is preferred and promoted by Wallapop Spain.
  • Make sure that the title is ideal and attracts the right audience. If needed, you can keep it flashy, but it should explain what you’re selling
  • Make sure that the category you put your sale into is correct.

To buy. You have to follow the simple process of any other e-commerce. That is, click on Wallapop Malaga buy an option or add to cart and then make the payment, among other things. Add your shipping address and such.

Please remember and understand that Wallpop’s authentic services are there to reduce fraud and scams. It is advised to use them. Otherwise, Wallapop’s help will not be responsible. 

Feature And Advertisement

Wallapop app is not only a great buying and selling platform but a good advertisement medium as well. It incorporates features and advertisements. By using the right financial amount, you can also utilize the feature and advertisement to let your service or produce be known. 

This website is not only for people to people business. A company or enterprise can also connect with it. If you have a startup with services or products, Wallapop Espana can prove to be a beneficial asset. It all comes down to your requirement. Overall, each feature has a different cost, and so does the advertisement.

While users will ultimately and always receive advertisements relevant to their locations, the feature aspect of Wallapop online, and the app is created for any company to invest and spread awareness. There are forums and information applications that you need to fill if you’re applying for the feature. 

Customer Service Of Wallapop Help

Wallapop Sevilla reviews your request immediately upon filing it. They do use bots and automated response systems, but it is a robust and complete program. Therefore, you can file complaints or make inquiries. Instead of just set suggestions, the AI works to help you get the best solutions. It is a very powerful addition. However, if nothing works, then you can certainly talk to customer service. They are available 24/7 in case of any emergency. Regardless of the region, you will receive complete assistance. 

The professionalism of these executives is impeccable. They perform a commendable job at satisfying your query or rectifying any problem. Overall, Wallapop Spain stands out with its qualitative customer care services. 

What Is The Need For Wallapop Segunda Mano/Second-Hand Items?

The Wallapop app is not only for second-hand products. However, second-hand use of products can help someone financially. It is also a great way to establish a strong ecosystem for the world. With second-hand sales, the need for new products declines, and it can contribute towards a better environment. You are also helping someone achieve a certain quality of life.

Not everyone can effort the costly luxuries, items, and so on. Imagine if someone has a need to learn music, but they do not have money for a quality instrument. If you have one lying around that you don’t use, you can sell it. Therefore, you are not only contributing to someone’s better future but also making a profit out of it. Hence, it is a win-win situation or everyone using Wallapop buy and sell. 

What Are The Categories Available In Wallapop Espana?

Any version of the site has access to all of the following categories. Unless any of them does not comply with the regulations passed by the local government:

  • All Categories
  • Help
  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Motor & Accessories
  • Fashion & Accessories
  • Real Estate
  • TV, Audio & Camera
  • Cell Phones & Accessories
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Bikes
  • Games & Consoles
  • Appliances
  • Movies, Books & Music
  • Baby & Child Care
  • Collectible
  • Construction
  • Agriculture & Industrial
  • Jobs 
  • Services

So it is not only a buy and selling place. But you can potentially find better jobs, services, real estate deals, and much more. It is a ‘complete’ trading platform. There is also an ‘Other’ section provided at the end of miscellaneous items. However, please understand the prohibition rules of Wallapop Sevilla online before conducting business. 

The Final Verdict On Wallapop Online

If you have anything to sell in Spain, UK, USA, Mexico, or Brazil, the Wallapop Sevilla app will certainly prove to be convenient. It is an award-winning app for its commendable feature and services. You can certainly use it to also find potential help or personnel. It is a robust and expansive platform that has reasonable rates.

While some of its services may seem a little ‘pricey,’ it is to ensure maximum security. Therefore, the website that started as a ‘flea market online’ has certainly come a long way. You should definitely use it for the most relevant results and advertisements near you. It is quick in response and has an attractive layout and interface.