Vanitatis – News & Articles Of Spanish Celebrities and Famous Personalities

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In an exponential digital world, it is perplexing to determine an authentic source of information. News, articles, and blogs, you will find plenty of these contents online. However, a challenging aspect is to discover credible pieces, the ones with sources confirmed. It is very easy for anyone to write something and spread misinformation. If you’re looking for a prestigious platform with thorough information that covers different industries, then Vanitatis, El Confidencial, is one such platform.

A Spanish Platform

Vanitatis – El Confidencial is a Spanish platform. Spanish is one of the languages that is catching popularity, and many people prefer to read in Spanish. Those who are learning this language find it beneficial to read and process the words to polish it and gain command.

What Makes Vanitatis Credible?

El Confidencial is a digital newspaper in Spain. It offers you the latest news regarding economical, financial, and political news. The website is an excellent source of information for almost two decades with the audience of professional personalities from different sectors, and middle-aged people. Therefore, it always confirms its sources to retain their credibility.

Revista Vanitatis is a partner platform and a magazine version of El Confidencial that focuses on covering news and articles regarding Lifestyle, Gastronomy, Royal Houses, Multimedia Platforms, Television, Movies, Celebrities, and Famous People.

What Is Vanitatis

The name Vanitatis originates from the word Vanitas. Vanitas means futility. However, the actual name of Vanitatis is derived from the painting Vanitas, which is a dutch genre with symbolism on death and changes. What truly defines Vanitas in this context is the ‘impermanence’ of material things. It is a symbolic denotation that celebrity and royalty life, despite being luxurious, undergoes consistent changes. Therefore, they work on providing news on these changes. So naturally, it does not have a deep relationship with that does Vanitas means literally. It is a creative and poetic representation. 

The User Experience

The original background of black which converts into black borders with a white background as you scroll down. It is an attractive website that oozes quality. Simplistic fonts with articles divided into different segments. Primarily, you will discover the homepage divided into the following sections:

●  Headlines: The top articles for the day.

●  Royal Houses: Top articles covering news on the royalties across the globe.

●  Fashion: Top fashion news articles and blogs of the day.

●  Beauty: Top listing of beauty-related information.

●  Lifestyle: News, information, and guidelines regarding lifestyle for the day.

●  Gossip: The spicy and crispy gossips for the day.

●  Celebrities: Mainstream or top news related to celebrities and other famous personalities.

Vanitatis further allows you to search their database for blogs and articles by using keywords or complete queries. It will show the most recent and relevant results corresponding to the word that you input.

What Are The Topics Covered?

Vanitatis is divided into different segments that cover a complete spectrum under that segment. These are the segments, read further to see what types of topics are covered in each segment:

Lifestyle: In lifestyle, the website covers all the information regarding the latest styles and trends. You will get in-depth information regarding fashion, beauty, and other leisures. Furthermore, it also covers travel articles. Health tips can also be found under the beauty section of the platform. Furniture information, decor, and others are also covered.

Gastronomy: Get the latest information regarding very creative and enticing gastro crafts and keep yourself up to date. You will also learn about various services in gastronomy that define vanita. Tweaking it up, they also cover issues and articles regarding restaurants and wines. It is a great source of information for anyone who either runs a gastronomy business or finds it interesting.

Royal Houses: The main houses that Vanitatis covers are Queen Letizia, Real Home, British Royal Family, and Monaco Royal Family. You will have all the latest updates regarding these houses. They deliver commendable articles, and if royalty entices you, you should certainly subscribe to their newsletter.

Famous: When we talk about famous, it is not only people. The platform covers all the controversies regarding popular people and different houses. You will get the latest information regarding their lives, including wedding news and about their children. For those who love to keep tabs on their favorite famous person, you get everything.

Celebrities: This section differentiates from famous because here, it is more about the limelight instead of personal life. Therefore, you will find information on the professional aspects of their lives, such as parties, In Vena, and Awards of different celebrities. Radical changes are also covered in this section.

Multimedia: Now, if you’re looking to stay up to date regarding albums, and videos, this is a good segment. Multimedia also covers platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. They do not only cover news but provide articles, guides, and much more for their readers.

The TV: Get the latest updates on your favorite Spanish programs and series with Vanitatis. What is going behind the scenes? Your favorite actors, and much more that define vanitas.

Login & Registration

It is fairly easy to log in to Vanitatis. You can decide to register and create a new account by providing all the information and valid information. If you choose not to do that, then you can use your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn accounts to log in and access the website. However, during the registration process, you will be able to further customize and personalize the website to meet your needs.

Subscribing To Newsletter

Simply click on ‘Newsletter’ to be redirected to the subscription page. There, you can read privacy policies and accept them. Once accepted, you simply click on subscribe and then input the relevant details such as Email address. Before doing so, if you scroll down, you will see three different names of the platforms. These are Vanitatis, Cotizalia, and EC. Each one of these covers a different industry to bring you information. You can choose to subscribe to each one of them or only a specific one.

Notification & Cookies

The website has a notification icon that will keep you notified regarding different activities. If you subscribe to anything, it will notify you. The latest news and articles, according to the cookies, will also be used for notification.

Yes, the website uses cookies. However, you can decide whether you want to enable them or not. For the website to function optimally and provide you the best, personalized services, it is vital that you enable cookies. However, once you enable cookies, you will also see third-party advertisements. These are the aspects that define Vanitas.

Mobile Applications

There are five different applications that you can download from the official website:

●  The Crossword App: This app is interconnected to the articles on El Confidencial. Just like a physical newspaper, you can enjoy crossword puzzles on your mobile while browsing news.

●   Election: An app that will keep you up to date regarding all different types of elections. You receive political news and the opportunity to conduct or participate in surveys. There are other fun additionals like quizzes that will tell you which candidate do you match with the most.

●   Radar: Upload original photographs with information and stand a chance to win prizes and competition. Radar is a fun platform to share with your friends. If you’re a freelance photographer, this might prove to be very beneficial to you.

●  The Confidencial: The entire database and platform of Confidential on your mobile platform. Get the latest to oldest news articles, personalized according to your preference. It is a robust and interactive application.

●    Vanitatis: It is an application counterpart of the online website. You will have access to the collection of photos and videos regarding the celebrities of Spain.

All of these apps are compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. These apps undergo consistent development and updates to enhance performance and integrate the latest features.

Social Media Presence

Vanitatis and El Confidencial are available on Facebook and Twitter for you to follow. They post regular updates and information. There is also an option to subscribe to their RSS feeds for more updates. You can follow their official accounts to never miss anything.

You can translate Vanitatis to English without getting any information missing in the translation. Therefore, if you do not know Spanish but seek information regarding Spain’s celebrities and personalities, you should subscribe to Vanitatis. Overall, it is a complete platform, and it is trusted by several professionals. So if you need the best and competent source of information, this is the place where you receive all the relevant information.