How Long Do You Get Unemployment Benefits?

by Tashia J. Hansen
Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment benefits depend upon some factors and the duration varies as well. Unemployment is a phrase that covers such a lot in society that actively struggles to get a job and do not get one. Not only jobless people are considered in this group but others as well. For instance, some are serving but not in an appreciating community. So, unemployment refers to those who are jobless and some who do not get a worthy job. 

On economic analysis, the rate of unemployment is the average number of people working at the workplace who are in search of it. This is one of the greatest factors that influence the economic growth of the country. 

Types Of Unemployment

Eligibility requirements for unemployment benefits

The word unemployment is usually misinterpreted in most societies. It includes the individuals who have been fired from their job and now waiting for the next one. It does not encompass the number of people who do not even take a single step to get themselves employed. Let’s see what are other types of unemployment that increase the factor of the economic crisis. 

1. Structural unemployment

Structural unemployment is defined by the difference between the demographics of the job criteria and individuals’ skills. It happens when the companies offer jobs but the available lot does not possess the required skill set. On the other hand, sometimes workers fail to get the job according to their match. 

Structural unemployment is more noticeable in industrialist regions. They undergo mechanical advancement that automatically reduces the labor work. This is how the structural difference between workers and jobs leads to unemployment. 

2. Seasonal Unemployment

In most countries, companies offer jobs for certain seasons. As they do work for a season to accomplish the demands of upcoming times. For example, some industries appoint workers in winter and some in summers. And in this way after doing a job for a couple of months, workers again are left to get the source of getting hired. 

3. Frictional Unemployment

Frictional unemployment is mainly caused by the ups and downs in the lives of individuals. Sometimes, the workers have to move to another city for some reason and find a job. This duration of unemployment can be temporary or tiring as well. This is because already employed people do not find a perfect match after moving to another place. Also, this is the most common type of unemployment that has been seen. 

4. Cyclical Unemployment

One of the hectic types of unemployment that kills the working spirit of the workers is cyclical unemployment. It resulted in the decline by the demands: where there is not enough demand for orders and services, companies or industries can not offer jobs. Also, it is related to the progression of and recession of business in the state. More often decrease in the demand for service, leads to the number of unemployment among all employable breadwinners. 

Though unemployment is the biggest issue that directly affects the economic growth of a country. Still, some countries provide benefits to the state’s unemployed lot to help them access basic survival needs. 

According to reports, most of the biggest developing countries lack insurance for unemployment benefits. A survey states that Canada, UK, and the US are also counted among those countries that offer low-rated benefits. The period that they give unemployed people to have the benefits used to be too short. Moreover, on ending the first 12 months benefited plan, Canada and the US government do not provide any other assistance plan. 

How many countries have unemployment benefits?

While listing down the names of countries that offer unemployment benefits, France appears as the most generous payable country of Europe. The management authority of France allows more than 50% of the employed salary to unemployed people. To qualify the beneficiary of unemployment, a proper guided registration is important. 

How Long does unemployment insurance last?

For anywhere in the world, where the state government provides the offer to apply for unemployment benefits, it demands a certain duration to be fulfilled. The restriction for the duration period is essential to avoid discouragement in the search for a job. In some countries, employees who lost their jobs at the age of under 50, access the benefits for two years. People above 50 access the same benefits with the privilege of 3 years. 

In the Austrian unemployment insurance system, people who get unemployed at the age of 50 or older enjoy benefits for more than 52 weeks. The condition is that they should have worked satisfactorily in the past. The Austrian unemployment system is rich in providing welfare services to the unemployed lot of the state. 

The requirements for getting unemployment benefits vary from one particular state to the next. 

Unemployment Eligibility Requirements

However, the government of the US works on two main eligible requirements and those two are as follows. 

  • The individuals must not have lost their jobs due to their fault. 
  • Quitting a job beyond workers’ control enhances the chances of having benefits. 
  • The employees should have fulfilled the firm’s requirements during working hours. 

If certain people could not find themselves eligible for the qualification of benefits, they need to look at what reasons have pulled them back. 

Disqualification from Benefits

Eligibility requirements for unemployment benefits

Some reasons do not allow the grant of this opportunity. And those reasons are; 

  • If the company owner has fired their workers due to their misconduct. 
  • Have quit their job due to an undefined reason. 
  • Lack of etiquette at the workplace. among
  • Periodic absence routine. 


Unemployment is the most recurring issue that has been prevailing across the world. Such as the pandemic Covid-19 has been the major cause behind it. In such cases, the state must provide its people with access to survival needs. However, unemployed people can opt for benefits if they fulfill the eligibility criteria that any state or government sets. All of the reasons and causes behind the unemployed lot correlate with economic growth. So, a country with a better plan to grant benefits under strict rules and regulations can generate a smooth and balance insurance system. 

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