These Top 10 TikTok Viral Videos Shows that People are Enjoying this Lockdown

by heatfeed
Top 10 TikTok Viral Videos

Lockdown is forcing people to take a route like never before. With more time in hand, people are using video platform Tiktok, and they are certainly getting creative. You can see people trying new dishes and even throwing out challenges like popular Dalgona coffee. As these trends keep getting a hike, we are bringing you the top 10 TikTok viral videos of last week

Top 10 Tiktok Viral videos from Last Week of Lockdown

It starts with Sania Mirza nailing the plank position. It certainly put out some fitness goals for all the mothers of a single child. In a simple top and yoga pants, we can see that she is still fit and healthy.

Common folks also give you a nice ‘Mummy aaj khaane mein kya bnaya h?’ with a hilarious comeback of the mom to her son. It certainly gets a chuckle.

Terrence Lawrence also hikes up the fitness goals with his ‘core-entine workout’ which focused on boosting the core strength of the person. Therefore, he gave his followers something admirable to look forward to, while asking them to stay home and stay safe.


Singles…Get ready for 15th…you may just get lucky😉!swastrahomastraho gharbaithoindia fyp foryou trending workoutchallege

♬ Hit Yo Rollie – ハハハハハ

Bharti also takes the stage and jabs on ‘Mai toh bhot kush hu.’ Talking about the things she has to do in quarantine, finally breaking down in tears in a bone tickling manner.


thodi takleef ho rhi hai but main khush hoon kiuki main safe hoon plss bhi ghar pe raho @tiktok_india @haarsh003

♬ original sound – Bharti – Bharti

Raveena Tandon also makes an appearance with her daughter, acting out, ‘It is disrespectful.’ To which she responds, ‘To you.’ You can certainly see them bonding.

In a more trendy side, people are going crazy with the ‘Memory’ trend. It is a challenge where people wear the same clothes like an old picture and take the same poses to replicate the given image. It is certainly nostalgic.


Recreating old pictures 😍❣️ Instagram Id- sindhucya #memories #sindhucya

♬ Memories (Drinks Bring Back) – Ajay Stephens

Cooking TikTok remains trendy all the time. And here is a new one where a person stuffs a bread with chocolate and fries it. Sounds yummy.

If you’re locked away from the house, it is time to check out the chilly pickle video.

Disha Patani also performs exceptional feats at home that enthralls the viewers in this stunning video.

For all the lonely ones out there, without their significant someone, there is a video that depicts exactly how you feel.

It is good to see that people are spreading positive vibes and staying creative. There are many other entertaining videos in this Chinese video app, and it shows that people are enjoying this lockdown.