TodayPK, The Popular Site where is a Huge Collection of HD Movies

by heatfeed

The major reason why the film industries are flourishing every year is because of its audiences. These movies are released overseas in various countries, as they have a huge international fan base too. The kind of movies, that are being made depends upon the taste and preference of the audiences.

So, we clearly see the movie industries evolving every day according to the latest age, lifestyle, and interests. That does not mean American movies are less popular in India as American movies had stepped into India long back due to its popularity. These Hollywood movies are now being dubbed in Indian languages which have given them a mass appeal.  

Thousands of movies are being released every year in different Indian languages. However, what has been noticed is that most of these movies are easily available and are surfacing on the internet, free of cost. Just by clicking on a link, one gets access to these movies, without being officially released in the theatres.

One such platform, known as TodayPk gives free tickets to watch movies, shows and so on. Instead of going to the theatres to watch the newly released movies, a lot of youth are choosing to sit in front of their laptops and watch them for free. Now, is it a good thing to watch movies free of cost by accessing these sites? Let’s have a look at  TodayPk and what it offers and whether it is legal to accept the offer.

Is TodayPk all about movies?

Yes, TodayPK is a popular site where a pirated version of all the Indian and foreign-language movies are imported. These movies are available in HD version, dubbed in different languages. The focus is on movies released in the last decade hence retro age or the golden era movies may not be found here. These HD quality movies are freely accessible to audiences from all over the world. However, TodayPk raises a lot of questions on legality, safety, and morality with regard to such free access to movies.

Does it contain international movies too?

TodayPk contains Indian language movies, like Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, Telugu, and Bengali. In addition to that, there are Pakistani movies and Hollywood/English movies freely available too. Different genres are available, to name a few, action, drama, sci-fiction, romance, history, documentary. Apart from that, many popular TV shows are also found here. 

Does the law allow to access these movies? Are these movies safe to use?

Anybody who loves movies will like the fact that such free websites exist where they can fulfill their yearning for their favorite movies. But, the bad news is that, even though these sites are not banned, it is considered illegal to access these free movies.

These amazing movies are produced by the producers who spend millions of rupees on its making, production, marketing, and promotion. Hence, it is quiet but obvious that they will be expecting some return in lieu of their investment. That is why the movie is released in theatres where audiences can buy tickets and watch them. 

Unfortunately, to their dismay, these movies get illegally released or leaked in websites like TodayPk which gives free access to the global population. As a result, the producers of the movie do not get their due return. This is both legally and ethically wrong.

Violating the Copyright and Anti-Piracy Laws

Legally speaking, such an act is violating the copyright and anti-piracy laws and the perpetrators are liable for these acts. That is why the government of India has requested umpteen times not to download these movies without paying for them. Ethically speaking, one is doing an unethical act by depriving the original producer to enjoy his profits. 

Sites like TodayPk, albeit gives easy download options do not provide or guarantee any safety with regards to the same. Once you download the movie, or even if you just open the website, there are high chances that your computer may be infected with viruses. Some malware on your device may suddenly show up which will leave you all confused.

The only thing which can prevent the entry of the virus is an anti-virus duly installed and updated in your system.  But, it cannot be assured that the anti-virus is capable of fighting any foreign, dangerous particle. This will not just slow down your system but harm and corrupt it to a great extent. 


If we consider the legal point of view, there are certain legal restrictions as to the free download of these movies from these sites. Before downloading any movie, it is highly recommended that you follow the procedure of taking proper permission or license from the competent authority and then you may proceed to access these sites.

Moreover, it is not worth risking your computer and your personal folders by accessing these sites. On the other hand, look for one of those legal, nominally paid websites where you can have access to all the content safely.