🧵 Thread Emoji

Thread Emoji

Emoji Meaning

The last portion held loose or outside the spool, a cylindrical wooden tube with a blue (or any other color) bunch of thread, spun tightly around it on the solid surface below.

Emoji thread means raw material, the art of customization and embroidery, stitching, also used in activity of sense of connection. This emoji can also be fashionable from a broader standpoint.

NOTE: The design of WhatsApp also contains a needle. In 2018, Thread under the name “Spool of Thread” was approved as part of Unicode 11.0 and was included in Emoji 11.0 in 2018.

Similar Emojis

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Also Known As

🧵 Spool of Thread

🧵 Blue Thread

🧵 Wooden Spool of Thread

🧵 Tailoring Thread

🧵 Stitching Thread

🧵 Threading

Apple Name

🧵 Thread

Unicode Name

🧵 Spool of Thread


🧵 U+1F9F5


:thread: (Github, Slack)

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