🍴Fork and Knife Emoji

Fork and Knife Emoji

The Fork and Knife Emoji Meaning:

The Fork and Knife Emoji 🍴 represent the process of eating and dining. This emoji is shown with a silver fork to the left of the knife and this silverware or cutlery is mostly used to eat a meal or food. On social media platforms, this emoji is shared when talking about dining or eating foodstuffs. 

Note: Fork and Knife became a part of Unicode 6.0 in the year 2010 and then it was considered to be added to Emoji 1.0 in the year 2015. 


Similar Emoji: 

A list of similar emojis for Knife and fork is 🍱 Bento Box, 🥣 Bowl with Spoon, 🥢 Chopsticks, 🥤 Cup with Straw, 🍛 Curry Rice, 🗡️ Dagger, 🍽️ Fork and Knife with Plate, 🥗 Green Salad, ☕ Hot Beverage, 🍲 Pot of Food, 🧂 Salt, 🥪 Sandwich, 🍝 Spaghetti, 🥄 Spoon, 🍜 Steaming Bowl, 🍵 Teacup Without Handle, 🦃 Turkey, 🍷 Wine Glass, 👩‍🍳 Woman Cook, 🍳 Cooking, 🔪 Kitchen Knife, 🍚 Cooked Rice, 👨‍🍳 Man Cook, 🥘 Shallow Pan of Food.

Also Known As

  • 🍴 Cutlery
  • Knife And Fork 🍴
  • 🍴 Silverware

Apple Name

🍴 Fork and Knife


🍴 U+1F374


:fork_and_knife: (Github, Slack)

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