The fascinating and best Sims 4 Mods

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The fascinating and best Sims 4 Mods

The Sims is a well-known game series always in a rush of providing you with what you want to do. In The Sims 4, EA & Maxis had upgraded it to deliver more robust ways to customize your Sims to your liking and allow them to live the desired life. 

Though, the game won’t allow you to do whatever you like to do. But have you ever seek for your desired hairstyle and didn’t find it? Or have you ever wondered about turning your Sims into a beautiful and magical mermaid? 

These things were not in your success in the past… but now it’s been possible. Yeah! Really..! Thanks to the mods created by the Sims 4 community. Through these modes, you can expand the life of your Sims beyond the customization options laid out by the developers.

There is a huge number of mods to select from in The Sims 4 master controller. But here we would introduce you to a few absolute best mods of the Game Series “The Sims 4”.

If you are new to this page then you must be wondering! What are mods? Let us make you aware of it..! 

What is a mod?

It can also be suggested from its name, what does it mean? Mod is a modification to the game created by a member of the community. Mostly, mods are following the community’s will. But in some cases, they are even more effective than updates implemented by Maxis. 

Moreover, the mod is an outrageous modification in the gameplay format making it more enjoyable and appealing. Modding has become so entrenched in society. That’s the reason why The Sims 4 master controller has added a section in its menu devoted to mods.  

The prevalence and demand of these mods have triggered game developers to embrace them. For that, if you want to have mods in your game you need to install them first and enable them from within the game to make them function properly. Once you do so, you’ll be able to access and try out new mods. 

Master Controller Command Center

Sims 4 MC Command Center | MC Command Center for Sims 4 download

Sims 4 mod list is incomplete without Deaderpool’s Master Controller Command Center. This mod consists of a series of smaller mods, making you enjoy and reach more. You can do a lot of incredible things with the MC Control Center.

It allows you to blacklist NPCs, remove particular clothing items, and set the ages of your Sims. It can even be more useful to control NPCs, turning them you’re your desirable characters. This is a fascinating Sims 4 mod, you will be glad to enjoy it. 

Lifetime Skills

Mod The Sims - Lifetime Skills: Toddler and Child Skills that carry over!

When your Sims grow up, they forget about most of the skills learned in childhood. However, there’s no way to worry anymore. Lifetime Skills mod by TwistedMexi has answered to your worries.

This mod will carry the skill experience of Sims when your toddler gets older. This is really a big modification that should be in the game, to begin with, so what are you waiting for? Go and grab your favorite mod. 

Mermaid Lifestyle

The Sims 4: Mermaids (Island Living Expansion Pack)

That’s a thing of interest for girls, especially those who are always crazy about a mermaid or siren. With SpinningPlumbobs’ Mermaid Life state mod, you can turn your Sims into a beautiful mermaid. It gives you a huge menu of customization options to make your mermaid exactly the way you long for.

All the fuss that you have to do is upgrade your Mermaid Mythology skill to level 3 and then the transformation of your Sims into a beautiful mermaid will be no more away. UI Cheats Extension

Sims 4 Cheat Extension Mod - downnfiles

If you’re one seeking cheats in The Sims 4, this mod is for you. The UI Cheats Extension by “weerbesu” provides all the cheat options into the UI without inputting the code. This mod enables you to use several cheats by directly clicking on the UI instead of typing codes manually.

Moreover, with this, you can cheat more efficiently. By just clicking once, you can instantly approach as much money as you’d want. Even you can also set your Sim’s aspiration goal to its maximum.

Slice of Life Mode


Reality brings fun to everything. The Sims 4 can be quite realistic, but you can upgrade the realism department by using KawaiiStacie’s Slice of Life mod.

This will let your Sim change, physically, and based on emotion. For example, if your Sims are sad, their eyes would be turned teary. This mod influences your Sims as well as NPCs.


Mod The Sims - TS4 MorphMaker - updated to V4.3 on 6/9/2020

Getting the structure of your subject in the game the way you want can be more exciting. Players always demand some robust changes in the game.

With CmarNYC’s Morphmaker mod/ts4 morphmaker, you will be able to get into the nitty-gritty of building your Sim exactly the way you want.

It lets you create and sculpt your Sim (and pet) to your liking, by using a huge array of tools to be as precise as you like. But you may have problems using the game’s original CAS system.

BuildBoyMode Unlocker 

The Sims 4 Cheat: Unlock All Career Locked Items in Build Mode - YouTube

To be on the same task for hours over hours can be nerve-wracking. Thanks to this mod created by The Sims 4 community who made this mod for our peers who prefer to save time while playing. With the BuyBuildMode Unlocker, there will be no need of spending time earning all the items in the game.

Many people enjoy unlocking some specific items and earning in the games, but if you are not one of those and want to save your time along with goal completion, then this mod would suit you best. The mod is by scripthoge, and with the help of it, you can download individual items from the list. You can check for what you hide in your mind. 

Wrapping up;

In light of the above discussion, mods can increase the enjoyment and thrill of your game while playing The Sims 4. So, never forget to grab these thriller mods and get into them while playing.