The Body Movie Leaked By TamilRockers

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The body Movie Leaked by TamilRockers

The Body Movie Review: A tale of love and disloyalty 


When the body of businesswoman Maya Varma’s (Sobhita Dhulipala) goes disappears from the morgue under puzzling circumstances, SP Jairaj Rawal (Rishi Kapoor) willingly get himself to the hidden truth behind this mystery. And, when he inquires Maya’s husband Ajay Puri (Emraan Hashmi), it becomes obvious that he is something beyond a bereaved widower.


Maya is born into the world with a silver spoon and has possessed qualities such as– smart, successful, and flawlessly gorgeous as well. And, for a professor with a small pitiful income named Ajay surely strikes gold when the couple decides to get married. But, when the businesswoman was dead and her body goes disappears from the morgue, the reality behind their wedding and everything behind it starts to unfold and began revealing. 

The storyline of the movie ‘The Body’ does not bring anything new to the viewers as far as the thriller and suspense is concerned. Also, since it is restricted within the four walls of a morgue and ranges over a period of just eight hours, this murder mystery began to lose its hold over the audience at the start. Despite the beautiful background score – an essential part of the thriller to work – the film neglects to keep you on the edge, and wind up being yet another regular, crazy attempt at creating a story revolving around love, betrayal, and death. 

Rishi Kapoor, as the stubble cop with a devil-can-care like an attitude, is quite persuading as a character with a troubled past but is attempting to get to the base of that distorted love tale. Emraan Hashmi, as a romantic and loving partner with sketchy ethics, exudes charm in parts and brings out pity when needed.

Sobhita Dhulipala, as a rich and lonely businesswoman and millionaire, with a curved psyche having cold behavior, is not so appealing in the sense that she winds up being too good to possibly be terrible. Debutante girl Vedhika Kumar, the naïve and a partner in crime, has a decent screen appearance but feels like a misfit, specifically in the second half part of the movie. 

The Body MovieThe body Movie Leaked by TamilRockers

Suspense and thriller keep you invested:

This film keeps standing you on your toe and gives you 100 % excitement, goosebumps, and flashbacks to the past memories. Its all about Rishi Kapoor leading with his diverse acting style and Emran Hashmi also did a marvelous job,  plus a very charming Kannada film actress vedika ( I liked her Kannada movie SANGAMA in 2008 ), so as co-actors did a good job as well.

The very clever screenplay,  awesome edition,  background scenes, and cinematography is again exemplary. Emraan Hashmi thought that he is ring expert, demolished by rishi Kapoor by his setting up of the entire event and dominating the movements and scenes of Emraan Hashmi, one superseding the other,  I would prefer not to be a spoiler here, yet Rishi Kapoor had this arrangement yet not recognizable till the intermission. 

Let’s talk about Music:

Much the same as all other Emraan Hashmi films, the music of this film – generally love melodies – doesn’t baffle and the catchy numbers are alleviating to the ears. 

Basically, ‘The Body’ is low on story and high on glamour. There isn’t a lot to unravel in this movie.

Online The body Movie leaking by TamilRockers:

After an immense ruckus at the CBFC, the film has been leaked online just two days before its releasing date. Although the film was removed from the torrent website. it is a miserable fate for the movie as it will straightforwardly influence its box-office business. According to the report, a 40-minute clip had been released online on the internet which has the most important scenes of the film. Few reports additionally claim that a couple of sites have the whole film running on them. All things considered, that is shocking! 

‘The Body’ joins the unfortunate list of films that are ‘Great Grand Masti’ and ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ these movies have been released online before their actual release date. The film is planned to release on this December 13, 2019 

Unethical act by pirating websites

Makers put in a lot of hard work in making a movie. A film goes through numerous circumstances to at long last arrive at its release date. And imagine if the film gets leaked online before its release? That is for sure a horrifying idea for the maker. However, there are many films that have been leaked online on torrent websites even before its release date.

Surprisingly, the prints of the movie which are submitted at the Indian censor board got leaked. Though no one has an idea that to how these copies have been released online before the actual release date, it Unquestionably influences severely. We should investigate films that were released online even before its release date… 

My opinion 

I give it 10 out of 10, you can watch this a lot of times, I didn’t get exhausted even a solitary moment while watching this. Also, the screenplay I need to specify here, the occurrence where it begins in the morgue and successful ghosts walking out and cross-examination in the cabin, gives you chills, gives a vibe you r there !.