Bring Home The Flavors Of Free Southern Movies with TamilRockers

by heatfeed

India is one of the largest producers of movies in the world, which includes not just the Hindi film industry, but a number of regional film industries. Almost every state in India produces films in their own language, which are often dubbed in other languages too. While the Hindi film industry is the biggest in terms of budget and revenue, the Tamil film industry is not far behind. Most Tamil movie lovers like the site TamilRockers.

The Tamil film industry releases some of the world-class movies, which are often remade in various other languages. Next in line are the Telegu, Malayalam, and Kannada industries, all of them make amazing movies.  It is quite indicative of the fact that such blooming industries are only possible because of the audiences. South Indian people are simply crazy about their movies. The movies are able to earn large revenue, thanks to the audiences. 

Most south Indians are absolute movie buffs, and they never lose an opportunity to watch a movie, be it any language. With such a massive fan base, alternative ways of watching and downloading movies have started becoming a trend, especially among the youth.

The hunger for movies gives rise to the easy and free availability of movies on the internet. These websites are like a virtual library of movies, where one can enter at any time without any difficulty. One such website, known as TamilRockers, is popular among the Indian audiences, especially among the south Indians.

This site is famous for supplying pirated content, movies, and shows produced released all over India. In this article, we are going to talk about the website, its features, and its legitimacy, which will give you an insight into it. 

Why Do People Access Tamilrockers?

TamilRockers, as the name suggests, is hugely popular for its unlimited access to south Indian movies. Not just that, other Indian language movies, web series, shows are also available on this website. The movies are available in various quality, size, and format, which attracts a large number of audiences.

Now, this website is also famous for its leaked content, as the unreleased movies are already uploaded here. However, it is getting difficult for the users to access these platforms as the government is taking stringent measures in banning sites like these. Even though it is banned, netizens are finding ways to remove the ban and access the website. 

What Does Tamil Rockers Contain?

Tamil Rockers, being one of the leading torrent sites, contain the pirated version of Indian language movies and web series. Almost all types of popular genres are found here, ranging from drama, romance, comedy, and history, adventure, sci-fiction. The website remains updated with all the latest content even before it is officially released by the producers. 

Is Tamil Rockers Legit?

Anything which is produced for commercial purpose, if used and accessed free of cost; by another person without the permission of the producer/owner is not legal. The same thing applies in the case of movies too, and therefore, websites like TamilRockers are not legal in India. The content of the website is hence illegal content, as the uploaders have not taken any prior authorization from the rightful owner of the movie or show. 

There are anti-piracy and copyright laws in our country which protect the producers of the movie from any unauthorized usage. Even with these existing laws in effect, it is not implemented adequately. The reason, being, it is simply not possible to trace millions of users accessing these sites.

With less awareness and negligible implementation. Most people tend to believe that downloading content from such websites is perfectly fine and legitimate. Whereas, the reality is different as mere banning by the government shows the illegitimate character of the website. 

What About Its Safety?

There are also reports that say that some of the administrators of the website had been arrested with regard to some illegal leakage and unauthorized release of some movies. These are good enough reasons to be discouraged to not access these infamous websites.  

Well, legality is not the only concern that should be addressed here. Accessing these websites may be highly unsafe to use, as merely opening them may get your device infected with a virus and make your entire system corrupt. This will make your computer or mobile slow and irritating to use. With even your good and useful files being infected by viruses and malware. It can certainly be evaded by installing a reliable anti-virus in your system. But even then, one can not guarantee that no virus be imported with the downloads. 

Morally and ethically, downloading these leaked movies is wrong too. It is as good as stealing other’s property without them knowing about it.  Accessing these free movies can be easily counted as an immoral activity that one should refrain from. 


Taking into consideration all the aspects, including the government ban, this is not the perfect website for you to access. Alternatively, there are many such paid websites where you get to access the same content with very nominal charges. The best part is, those paid websites are legal, ethical, and safe to use. It is also not a bad idea to show yourself up in the theatres occasionally for watching some movies by buying the tickets.