🌇 Sunset Emoji

Sunset Emoji

Emoji Meaning

The sunset emoji 🌇 shows a beautiful view of the sky. Building and places appear beautiful with orange skyline during sunset. This emoji describe the phenomena of ending and beginning of new day. Many times it is confused with sunrise. Signifies the ending of work and going to the night party 🍻 🥳🎉. Appear of this emoji has different colors on many various platforms like google has magenta shade of buildings.

Using sunset emojis in phrases give worth to words. E For example,

Missing you while watching sunset 🌇from my window.

Watching Sunset 🌇 with Soulmate❤️ is special.

Sunset 🌇 in city is unusual.

Note: Sunset emoji was added in 2015 to Emoji 1.0 under the name “Sunset Over Buildings” this emoji was accepted as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010.

Similar Emoji of Sunset emoji

☀️ Sun, 🍂 Fallen Leaf, 🌉 Bridge at Night, 🌆 Cityscape at Dusk, 🤠 Cowboy Hat Face, 🖼️ Framed Picture, 🐴 Horse Face, 🌞 Sun with Face, 🌄 Sunrise Over Mountains, 🌅 Sunrise,

Similar Emoji Also Known As

🌇 City Sunset 

Apple Name

🌇 Sunset Over Buildings 

Unicode Name

🌇 Sunset Over Buildings


🌇 U+1F307


:city_sunrise: (Github, Slack)

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